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    elaine a

    Looking for a high protein, grain free (can be raw) food for my diabetic maltipoo. My vet put here on Hills W/D and now she’s itching, scratching and biting herself. My other maltese has turned “red” since she insists on eating the same food. Any suggestions please. (I assume because she is diabetic, she needs high protein – so I’ve been told)


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    First, stop feeding that food immediately. Order from Chewy.com “Primal Pronto Nuggets”, they deliver in 2 days. It’s freeze dried, just crush squares and let a bit of warm water soak in. No freezer mess. i highly suggest avoiding vet prescription foods at all costs.

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    elaine a

    thanks – I ran, not walked, and got the Primal. Fingers crossed it works.

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    There’s alot of canned foods that are high protein/low carb (more so than kibble). Look at the ones rated 5 stars.

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    Please discuss ANY changes to diet with your vet before switching off the prescription food. Diabetes is a case by case situation and not all diabetic dogs need the same things. In fact a customer of ours was interested in Primal for her diabetic dog, however the vet had told her that her particular dog needed low fat to manage the diabetes. Primal ended up being way too high in fat and thankfully the customer dodged a huge bullet by not buying it.

    None of us here have examined your dog and we were not the ones who diganosed her diabetes, therefore we are not the best people to make recommendations for foods.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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