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    Matt W

    I adopted a dog from a 80-year old woman that passed away. The dog is a pinscher (not doberman, possibly bulldog) that weighed 16kg. She used to feed him around the clock, 24/7. He had his own dog food (low quality) but she also gave him chicken she cooked, fish, sweets, rice and god knows what else. Because she was old she let him out twice a day without a leash. He went around the neighborhood eating whatever he finds.

    When I got him I had to put him on a leash. He only eats dog food (acana) and he weighs now around 12kg. He still needs to lose a bit more weight. My problem is when we are eating he barks a lot because he used to get a plate full of food and not anymore. The main issue though is that when food drops on the floor he eats i right away, even if its garbage like a cheese paper that happened today. I read online that when you take the dog away from he food when he barks (time out) it can help but he tried to bite me and ripped my pants (I wasnt injured).

    I don use violence and I remained calm but I am not sure what else I can do. I can always send him to training for I would rather find a way to deal with it at home. He is 8 years old (male) and was never taught simple commands, I just taught him to sit when called. He is not aggressive when he eats his food but he is a bit aggressive when other people in the house are eating and he is not getting a plate like he used to for a number of years. He is a very calm, friendly dog until food is involved (not his).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    He needs to be removed from the area where you are eating meals before you sit down to eat, at least by a doggie gate or put him in the car as long as you can see him from the window, but not in extreme weather, during your mealtime.
    Or crate him (if he can tolerate it) during meals.
    Same thing when you have guests over. If he bites someone you will have serious problems.
    Consider getting a basket style muzzle, he won’t like it and you will have to be with him when it’s on.
    Maybe give him one bite of kibble afterwards as a reward, and praise him for being good.

    Also he must be removed from the kitchen when food is being prepared, at least by a gate.

    I have never used a trainer, I suspect they will just tell you what I did plus they are expensive.

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    PS: Ignore the whining, barking, begging, and the sad eyes. HE IS NOT STARVING.

    However, do not ignore anxiety and panic, some dogs that have never been crated cannot tolerate it and may hurt themselves trying to get out. That’s why I suggested a doggy gate, so he can still see and hear others. Don’t put him behind a closed door, he’ll go nuts :-/

    How about a raw carrot to chew on? Some dogs like them and they are low calorie. No more than 1 a day.

    Not baby carrots, they are bleached and can be a choking hazard due to their size.

    Take him on long walks as tolerated, a game of fetch? He may be eating out of boredom.

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    Another thought, keep a harness and leash on him at mealtimes and when you have guests over so you can lead him away from where food is being served without having to put your hands on him. Then put him behind a gate or in a crate.
    Dogs tend to behave better in general when on leash.

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    Hi Matt,
    Good thing you’ve done taken on a rescue dog, just remember a dogs behaviour is human taught…. 🙁
    He has run free & has been the boss for 8yrs, now there’s all these new rules, he’ll get use to it, the lady let him be the boss & do what he wanted, Patch was sorta the same when I rescued him but he had IBD & would eat everything, your dog needs to be re trained & you “can’ teach an older dog new tricks, but some breeds are very stubborn…
    My Patch was 4 when I rescued him within 2 weeks he pretty much picked up on all the house rules I used food for training but I didn’t know he had IBD in the beginning so lots of diarrhea…
    My vet asked the Animal Behaviourist vet to pop in & see us when we learnt he has IBD, we lived in communal unit/villas & Patch would go down stars to go toilet & on his way he sniff out the neighbour cats poo, on our morning walks he would eat everything, he was a walking vacuum cleaner, we lived in town near beach, after Friday & Saturday nights there would be pizza, chinese, vomit, everything on the streets from the night before, I had to wait till streets were cleaned & hosed down before going on our morning walks…
    The Animal Behaviourist taught me “Leave It” she said put food/treat on floor in between your toes/feet show him but don’t let him get it & say “Leave it” then when he leaves the food under your foot alone reward him with a better treat from “your” hand… here’s link

    Teach Your Dog to Leave It: It Could Save His Life

    Always praise him when he does do something good…Tell him “YOUR A GOOOOOD BOY” & pat him reward all good behaviour..
    The rescue vet told me to go to Puppy School even though he was 4 yrs old, Puppy School is good it teaches the human what to do & NOT do, or do research online there’s a few good f/b groups that are run by Animal behaviourist, if I find the group I’ll post it, cause your dog loves food he’ll be very easy to train, carry some kibble/treats in your pocket so when he goes to eat something on floor say “Leave It” “Leave It” sit then he gets reward for leaving food on floor, he can ONLY have food/treats kibble you give him…

    When visitors come Patch is VERY friendly & gets over excited & when people talk in high pitch squeaky voice this makes Patch more excited & he starts to jump up to kiss their face & head butts their head & nose, he loved our gas lady one day she bend down the same time he was jumping up to kiss her & he head butted her nose, it started bleeding, cause he gets sooooo excited I put away his STRONG rubber toys in kitchen cupboard & as soon as someone comes to front door he cries & whinges at the front door then as soon ashe sees me he runs into kitchen & sits in front of the kitchen cupboard for 1 of his rubber toys, I think he has a rubber fetish he loves the strong smelling rubber toys, I just order another rubber toy you can put kibble in the rubber slots & wet food in middle so while visitors are over he’s busy in the back loungeroom chewing on his rubber toy & he’s leaving my visitors alone, no sloppy kisses & no more head butts..

    While everyone is eating dinner you could also put his dinner dry kibble meal in one of those interactive game toys & he’s eating as well on his own mat in a corner away from the dinner table
    Chewy has treat toys under $20….
    the dog works to get their food out & he’s slowly eating, don’t get a puzzle toy that looks too easy, Patch learnt if he pushes the whole game with his big nose the kibble falls out of the turning ball while the ball is in the maize but it still keeps him busy trying to get his food, he just works out how to get his kibble quicker….
    I think the new rubber egg shape toy I’ve just order is a good treat toy it looks like it will hold the kibble pieces. http://www.allforpawspet.com/Product?idvariant=1293
    I can put his kibble in side rubber slots & add some boiled sweet potato in middle….

    It’s good to give your dog healthy fresh foods, tin salmon, sardines, mussels, meaty bones, egg, Vegetables – sweet potato, broccoli, cooked carrot, frozen beans are good to help lose weight & keep a dog feeling full longer etc. Fruit- apple pieces NO seeds, blueberries, watermelon, & remember to reduce his kibble amount & feed partly boiled vegetables & feed 3 meals a day instead of 2 larger meals a day, he’ll feel fuller longer & might break his circle looking for food, or feed his 2 meals a day & make up a treat toy with veggies, fruit, some yogurt & freeze, then give around lunch time or for his breakfast or his dinner give healthy treat toy when its a boring time for him he can lick & lick the toy that’s full of healthy low calories ingredients… stick to feeding him the same times every day so he gets into a routine…
    also find a few other brands he likes & eats so you can rotate between kibbles & freeze dried foods so he isn’t getting bored eating the same dry kibble 24/7 then he’s looking for something else to eat also rotating kibbles/freeze dried foods is good just in case the brand he’s eating is high in toxins, heavy metals, lead & contaminates….
    Pet Shops all have money back guarantee for palatability..

    Have you tried “Buckley Liberty” freeze dried, Buckley Liberty uses clean meats & has done very well when tested every 3months for high toxins, heavy metals & contaminates it has come 1st over 1 year now…


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    robbert C

    hey, i know you don’t want him to send him for training but trust me i have faced similar problems with my Labrador Bruno. When i adopted him his eating habits were not right , he was so habituated with packed dog food that he just would never switch to home made food which i believe is beneficial after a certain time.

    Finally i decided to take him to a professional for help, my friend suggested me this place called Camp Bow Wow in Midddlesex https://www.campbowwow.com/middlesex/ New Jersey, they had these amazing training courses ranging from basic to advanced levels, they also help if your dog has some special problem like this one and believe me consulting them was one of the best decisions i took it was a huge relief, i would definitely recommend this place.

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