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    Since Ive had Patch on his 1 cup of boiled chicken breast & a bit of pumkin & half an egg for breakfast he’s lost more weight this last month, he also has his 2 cups of kibble later thru the day the kibble is only 10% fat & 22% protein & 1.75% fiber, If I add more kibble it just bloats him & he seems uncomfortable, so what other low fat low carbs foods can I give him to gain some weight he only weights 16kilo.. he was between 18-20kilo this time last year but he was on a high fat hypoallergenic kibble that made him very ill, Now Ive learnt he has Chronic Pancreatitis he has to be on a low fat diet…oh, he also has IBD so I cant give him any cheese..Ive been giving him some banana…he also doesnt have no treats, I just use his kibble as a treat..there has to be a food that would gain some weight thats low in fat..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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