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    Megan R

    My doggo Oliver has some major reactions to certain types of food. He gets chronic ear infections. We’ve been to the vet and they suggested changing his food. We did this several times over about 6 months when I finally landed on one that worked.

    Stupidly I was not keeping track of what I was trying, so I only know that he reacted to these:

    And is fine on this variety:

    How should I go about narrowing down the difference? I would like to avoid going to the vet again as its quite pricy! We’ve also tried the vet recommended brand of food that cost a fortune with the same results.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Douglas R

    Hi Megan,

    For food allergies, chicken is by far the most common because many dog foods are primarily chicken (a relatively inexpensive protein) or contain at least some chicken–for example, chicken fat as a second ingredient in a version labeled “beef.”
    The brands you list are all processed kibble, and even pricier grain-free is basically the same highly processed “food” product recently linked to heart disease.
    Many dogs with various health concerns have had luck eating raw food instead, just simple ingredients of meats and various nutritional vegetables and fruits that dogs are biologically geared to eat and thrive on.
    You can find some raw varieties in grocery and pet stores, and there are now many online companies that deliver, while we have had luck with a more affordable California company 7 Sky Dog Food.
    Our Heeler had a seasonal summer skin rash–common with the breed, that still occurs, but has been greatly diminished. He now doesn’t scratch and lick to the point of creating sores.
    Good luck!

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    Make an appointment with a veterinary dermatologist. Allergies are complicated. There is no cure, however there is effective treatment but it is lifelong.
    Sorry, no miracle cures. Often the expertise of a specialist is required. There is no cheap way out of this.
    Hope this helps http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=allergies

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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