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    Nancy M

    Over my entire lifetime having dogs, I’ve never had so many issues popping up one after another…..this is crazy! This latest one is disgusting, I know, but very disturbing!

    I’ve had dogs (usually puppies) that have done this before and sometimes pretty determined to do it, but never a sudden onset like this! I’ve had this puppy for a month, never has done this at all, but all of a sudden, I’ve caught him doing it or about to, several times over the past day or two! I keep my yard picked up everyday, and now I have to make sure I get it after every time he goes.

    Just so happens, I’ve just recently changed his food (still in the end of transition) to the TOTW PACIFIC stream fish formula, from Victor HI-Pro Plus, and not only do I have NUMEROUS stools, he’s starting to devour them. Trying to cut down on the number of stools, I’ve cut back on the amount of food given, trying to cut him back to 3 meals a day instead of 4 (he was use to free feeding at the breeders, but I can’t do that because I have another dog here), thinking maybe he’s eating too much. Now he seems hungrier through the day and now this poop eating is throwing me for a loop!

    What in the world could be causing this? If I take him to the vet, what in the heck is he going to do? Not a thing, I would imagine. I suppose I could start putting “Forbid” on his food, but dont want to keep doing that forever. It has to be something missing or not being digested with this TOTW food……maybe? Maybe I just need to put him back on the Victor?

    Geeezzzz……..I’ve had a lot of puppy issues over my life, but this one is just very puzzling, basically because it’s so sudden! And I know, a lot of dogs will do this from time to time, or even regularly, but to me it’s a bad nasty habit that I don’t want embedded in this puppy.

    Please give me your input ASAP!

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    I have a dog that eats poop from certain foods. He can’t have foods with “natural flavors.” And neither can any dog around him.

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    Nancy M


    Gee, I’ve been keeping you pretty busy haven’t I? I apologize. I’m just rather flabbergasted over yet another issue with this puppy. As you mentioned, I think it’s got to be something with this food. Along with the excessive stools, I think pup and I would be better off with putting him back on the food he came to me on, IF I CAN FIND SOME IN STOCK SOMEWHERE. I don’t think this TOTW is working well for him right now. Strange thing too, I just fed him his 3rd meal of the day, and he’s already looking around for something else to eat. Don’t think this stuff is satisfying him for some reason, amongst other issues. The feeding guidelines for his age and weight calls for 1 1/4 c – 2 cups a day. He’s eating 1 1/2, wanting more, but pooping it out almost as fast as he’s eating it. And his little belly is just FULL. I can’t believe the digestion process and drinking all this water, even though that has decreased “some”, isn’t overworking his system! I don’t think the vet will have much to offer really, but I will probably take him in just to get him checked over, just to be on the safe side.

    This is crazy…….thanks again for spending your time with me!

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    You may want to feed at a certain time and usually a couple hours later it will come out. Mine goes poo 1st thing in the morning and in the evening before bed. The amount of food required for breed,age and size is very crucial. I heard before because my puppy ate them also and eventually stopped as most puppies, that it may be a vitamin deficiency. I know Vets.are costly but a specific test I am sure with knowing this can be done. Feed proper amount of food and save some money…lol. I give half and half through the day.Mine really doesn’t gorge however and is a good self feeder.Good luck in resolving this.My grandparents dog also did this as an adult dog.

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    Nancy M


    Thanks for your input. Well, I think I’m in line with all you’ve pointed out…….feeding at certain times of the day, feeding within the guidelines of the food, and vitamin supplementation (I give both my dogs the proper amount of Nu-Vet Plus vitamins, daily). Like I mentioned, this little guy might do better with self-feeding, as he use to be able to do, but it’s not really possible with another dog around here.

    I’ll give it another day and see how it goes……things could always be worse. Last puppy I had, 4 years ago, was very sick and suffering with almost constant diarrhea for about 3 months. Thought I was going to lose him from dehydration. FINALLY… the time the vets (3) decided what it was, the breeder had already sent me the meds to clear it up. Started out with Coccidia and then came the Giardia. The vets were all too afraid to give the meds he needed (Albon and Metronitizole) because of his size, but the breeder knew what was needed and so within 2 – 3 days of following her instructions, he was almost normal again! So what I have going on right now, is nothing in comparison.

    I truly believe there’s nothing “wrong” with him, except the “wrong” food. We’ll see though! I hope its that simple!

    Thanks again!

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