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    jane a

    Please help, I have 3 dogs, a chihuahua/pitbull mix(4), a dachshund(7), and German shorthaired pointer mix (6). My pointer has arthritis and joint pain and I would like to find a dog food that all 3 dogs can eat, and that is the most nutritious, healthy food that also has glucosamine for the arthritis. I am currently feeding them Earthbound lamb formula (dry kibble). I tried the Dr. Marty’s, but it was very expensive and they only liked it for about a week. I was hoping for a frozen raw suggestion, or anything else that is not full of bi-product. Holistic sounds good, but I am so confused over the many options. I really appreciate feedback, I can’t stand seeing my dog in pain, and all the vet wants to do is put on painkillers.

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    Hi Jane,
    I feed “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult to my English Staffy its very high in Glucosamine,
    he is 10yrs old & has a square left hip socket & was running on 3 legs & he’d lift his back left leg up while he ran, but after eating the Wellness Core L/B for 1 month he has stopped running on 3 legs, he isnt as stiff in the morning like he use to be, like a young pup again & the Wellness has helped with his IBD aswell, Wellness also make a Wellness Core Small Breed, Wellness Core Senior but I dont think the Glucosamine is as high as the Wellness Core Large Breed formula is – 750 mg/kg & Chondroitin Sulfate- 250 mg/kg.. Wellness have their PDF under “Nutrient Profiles” it tells you everything, percentage etc in their kibbles, if a formula doesn’t have the PDF just send email to Wellness & ask them your question, I think the Small Breed Formula doesnt have the PDF I’ve emailed Wellness & told them they said it was getting added…
    I know you can buy the human grade Glucosamine & Chonroitin & add to their meals, I use to give my boxer years ago, also give 1 x Krill Oil capsule daily with 1 of there meals or buy the tin sardines in spring water & add 1/4 of a can daily to 1 of their meals..
    Green Lipped Mussels, I buy the Freeze Dried, Green Lipped Mussels & give Patch 1-2 mussels a day as a treat, depends how big they’re, the cat loves them aswell

    When Patch had Xray last year the vet sugested he gets “Cartrohen Vet” weekly injection they get the injection for 4 weeks, its cheap $20-$25 per injection & the vet nurse does it cause Patch has IBD he cant take alot of medications cause of his stomach & NSAID drugs can cause stomach ulcers, my neighbour was getting the Cartrophen Vet injections for his 17yr old Jack Russel & gee what a differences it made..

    Cartrophen Vet is given by injection to treat degenerative joint disease or arthritis in dogs. It has been found that it provides relief from pain, stiffness and lameness as effectively as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used in veterinary medicine.

    Follow “Steve Brown” & “Rodney Habib” on their facebook pages & “Planet Paws”
    Join this f/b group it’s new, run by Dr Karen Becker, Rodney Habib & Susan Garrett
    they have some really good healthy balance raw recipes, Golden Paste, frozen Coconut Oil treats etc, just becareful with Coconut Oil & Tumeric or Curcumin can cause upset stomach add small amounts at first.
    I like foods high in Omega 3, Salmon- add 1-2 spoons to meal, Sardines-1/4 tin daily, Almonds-3 a day, Green lipped mussels-2mussels.. Google foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids.
    Here’s their Group
    “Life with Dogs and Cats – Health, Training & Research”

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