help! my dog has ringworm!!

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    hi, i hope someone here can help me out! my 21 yr old daughter brought home a stray kitten that she found near a dumpster behind her work. within the first week she (my daughter) contracted a ringworm spot on her leg. she has since been treated and she took the kitten to her vet and has been treating the kitten with zymox enzymatic shampoo and rinse plus a spray to the affected area with conzol 1% (miconazole nitrate topical anti fungal). well, of course, my schnauzer now has spots all over his head, muzzle area, and one spot on his behind! we are keeping them separated for now and i am taking the schnauzer to my vet tomorrow!! in the meantime, i thought would come on here and ask any of you if you’ve ever dealt with this before and if you had any tips for me! i’ve been reading on here for some months now and it seems like a friendly and helpful place, so thanks for anyone who can help out! i feel like i’m at my wits end!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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