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    If I see one more person with a bag of Beneful in their cart I’m gonna scream! I really want to say something but I don’t want to come across as a weirdo or creep. I’d like to be helpful and kind, not condescending.
    Today at Costco I saw someone take the Beneful but I didn’t say anything. I noticed it’s the same price as the Nature’s Domain, but it’s a bigger bag. I also saw a woman looking at the Kirkland Cuts in Gravy and I did volunteer that it’s a good food at a great price. Her husband said it’s cheaper than the Pedigree they’ve been feeding. So I felt good about that. I think they did buy it.
    It’s even harder at the grocery store because there is not much of anything there to suggest as a better alternative.
    Any thoughts from the hard core dog foodies here that aren’t meek like me?

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    You know what, I have a big mouth and I don’t shut up but when it comes to unsolicited dog advice, I shut up. Any time I’ve tried, I’m met with resistance. I admit that I don’t have a way with words like Shawna & HDM do. I met a girl with two Great Danes; she feeds Beneful. She said its a good food and she can’t afford more. I walked away because I really wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t have two huge dogs if all she can feed is Beneful.

    If people ask me or talk dog food, I pipe right up.

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    Marie….I’ve done both. I’ve spoken up and I’ve been silent. It just all depends on the “vibe” I feel coming from the other person. Once I saw a man take a huge bag of those chicken jerky treats that have been a problem (don’t remember what the brand was exactly) and put it in his cart. I just couldn’t let that one go and spoke up that it was a shame the store still had them on the shelves when they were causing a lot of problems for dogs. He was shocked at what I told him and in the end I believe he put them back. I also told him of several sites online where he could find out stuff about recalls, etc. He seemed very appreciative. I also helped a few people at Petsmart. One was a younger couple who was adopting a pup from the adoptions they were having that day. They seemed kinda lost and were wandering around trying to buy supplies. I steered them in the direction of the “good food” aisle and told them about some of the different foods and why they might be good choices. I also suggested a certain kind of harness (instead of collar) that was easy to use. This was a very small breed and I told them about trachea issues when using a collar, etc. Again, they were very thankful. Then there was the lady who declared Science Diet was the “best” food going because her vet said so….she overheard a conversation between me and a friend talking about dog food. We tried to convince her otherwise but it was clear that we were wasting our energy….so I just shut up about that one. There have been others that I’ve not spoken up about just because I could sense that it would do no good. Sometimes it’s hard to not come off sounding like a know-it-all snob, too!

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    I was in the exact same jerky situation, but I had one of my kids with me and I saw it in someones cart. I said to Peter “That’s that chicken jerky that’s been killing all those dogs.” Then I turned toward the dog food area and you could see a display of 3 different brand that were all bad. And had a teachable moment right there. Loud and clear I said “You know how you can tell it’s the jerky that’s killed over 200 dogs? Look at the fine print under the UPC. It will say made in China.” Then I started listing the brands that I had heard about, and said “Yep, there they are. I can’t believe they still sell those things.” The lady grabbed up the bag and started reading it, went to put it back, and before I walked away was stopping someone else from getting some.

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    No, I don’t make myself silent if the matter is on my dog. So, you should give the better option to other person whom you see that he or she chooses wrong brand.


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