Help me, my dog vomited everytime he eat

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    black m

    Help me, my dog vomited everytime he eat, I’ve gave him to the doctor but he said it was a normal phenomenon. I’m still worry. any help? thanks

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    Is he eating too fast? Get one of those dog bowls that are designed to slow him down.
    Don’t leave food down. Try feeding a small amount 2 or 3 times a day instead of a large amount all at once. Add a splash of water to the food.
    If that doesn’t work call the veterinarian that you saw back and see what he advises.

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    Tina M

    Did you recently change his food? Try giving him boiled chicken and rice to help settle his stomach.

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    No, vomitting every time he eats is most certainly not normal. I am shocked that a vet told you that…

    There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from another vet. I would suggest doing that. It is impossible for us to tell you what is wrong with your dog over the internet.

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    Hi Black,

    Change vet, are you in a another country?
    its “not” normal for your dog to be vomiting, what colour is the vomit?
    is it white & frothy, yellow, blood? take photo & see a new vet…

    Start to cook a very lean white meat, either chicken, turkey or pork, NO fatty meats & boil some potato or boil sweet potato, sweet potato soothes the stomach also pumkin is good as well add 1 spoon boiled pumkin… add 1/2 boiled meat & 1/2 potato & feed 3-4 smaller meals a day, no large meals….
    Might be Pancreatitis????

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    Sue K

    My dog has vomiting problems actually he regurgitates his food which is different from vomiting. Vomiting is and active process, gagging, heaving and retching are the body actively expels the stomach contents. The dog will give some sort of warning if he is about to vomit. If your dog does this then he is vomiting. Regurgitation is passive. After dealing with the problems similar to yours for 1 1/2 years changed Vets. First we treated my dog has having allergies, but when the problem continued my Vet ran various blood, x-rays and other tests, the results of these test determine that my dog has Megaesophagus a treatable but not curable physical problem that affects the way food is transported into the stomach through the esophagus. I would suggest that you either talk to your Vet about running tests to determine if he has underlining problems such as this or change to a Vet that has more experience with problems of this nature.

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