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    Charles B

    Ok – Our one boy we have figured out his environmental allergies and are on route to controlling them.

    Our other food, has a food allergy. He is 100% on Acana Duck and Pear, however our vet doesnt like how much legumes are in it with the Golden Retriever Taurine issues.

    So lets say the Acana is our control. This was the food we settled on after a lot of trying and paw licking.

    We have also tried Acana Freshwater Fish, Acestry Duck and Potato, Wellness Duck and Oat, Canine Caviar Open Plains, Farmina Cod and Orange, and Farmina Lamb and Blueberry.

    Ive created a spreadsheet, which can be seen here:

    After a lot of comparison, I determined the following are all shared between the foods, except the control. If their names slightly differed I included them.

    Biotin 5/7
    Choline Chloride 5/7
    Copper Proteinate 4/7
    Copper Sulfate 2/7
    Manganese Proteinate 4/7
    Manganese Sulfate 2/7
    Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 5/7
    Riboflavin 6/7
    Thiamine Mononitrate 5/7
    Zinc Proteinate 5/7
    Zinc Sulfate 2/7

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    Hi Charles-

    Dogs only react to protein, not fat, carbs, vitamins or minerals. All of the ingredients mentioned above are either vitamins or minerals, so it is not possible for your dog to react to them as they contain no protein.

    It is very possible that your dog has no food sensitivities at all and that the only issue is his environment. Has your vet mentioned doing an elimination diet for your dog? This is the golden standard for assessing food allergies, but it is challenging to do correctly. If you are interested in knowing more about how this works let me know and I’d be happy to explain.

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    Hi Charles,

    The only way you will know 100% what foods your dog is sensitive too is to do a food elimination diet, you start by feeding 1 novel protein, a protein source he hasn’t eaten before & add 1 carb….this takes a while to do but you get results, I picked ingredients for the elimination diet that were in kibbles he had eaten & ingredients in kibbles I wanted to feed him.
    Raw was the easiest way to do the elimination food diet as you dont have to cook & Patch reacted within 20mins of eating raw chicken breast, his back paw went red, swollen & hot, he was licking & licking his back paw, I had to put an ice pack on his back paw, so I knew straight away “NO more chicken”, then I started cooking his elimination diet as I didnt want to give him raw grated potato, raw carrots etc cause he has IBD & I found cooked carrots made his ears itch & he’d shake his head & scratch his ears, if you dont want to cook or feed a raw diet for the elimination diet then ask your vet about Hypoallergenic vet diets, would be your next step, once your dog has been eating the vet diet for 6 weeks & dog is not scratching, no red paws etc then you start adding 1 new ingredient for 6 week peroid or as soon as you see the dog reacting you stop adding the new ingredient, it can take anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks to see a reaction to an ingredient..

    Alot of people will blame an ingredient in a kibble, there’s so many ingredients so they blame the potatoes, peas, chicken etc like I did, then when yrs later I did elimination food diet & I tested cooked potato then 1 month later I added cooked sweet potatoes, my dog he didnt react at all, no itching, no red paws, no gas, no sloppy poos, so for 2 years I had avoid buying any dog foods that had potato in them, also kibbles have too many ingredients in them so its very hard to know 100% what ingredient is causing the skin, ear or paw problems…. also normal pet shop & supermarket dry kibble become cross contaminated while being made or while being cut into the kibble shape from the cutting machine, so you’ll never really work out what ingredient your dog is reacting too in a dry kibble… Vet diets are suppose to not be cross contaminated…..

    If you don’t like Hills, Royal Canine or Purina vet diets then there’s “Rayne Canada” vet diets they have Novel proteins Crocodile, Kangaroo & Rabbit formula’s..
    It’s sooooo hard to really know 100% what your dois reacting too cause you also have the envrionment allergies aswell that he might be reacting too that day 🙁
    But with my Patch he reacts to foods within 20mins of eating them he starts scratching & gets reditchy paws & start to lick them, & his gastro problems can take anywhere from 6-8hours to 1-2 days depends, Lentils he reacted within 6 hours of eating a kibble that had lentils in it…
    I found it best to do your elimination food diet in the cooler months when environment allergens aren’t as active…..also as the dog ages their allergies become worse, Patch had the worst Summer last December & this January it was awful his immune system went into over drive & made his IBD flare up, I nilly put him to sleep, I couldn’t handle watching him suffer, he couldn’t swollow his food, everything he ate was coming back up into his mouth, his vet begged me to hang in there & wait 1-2 months for Summer to be over before you put him to sleep, I’m very lucky, well Patch is very lucky to have a really good vet, he wouldnt be here now…. Make sure your dogs diet is high in Omega 3 & give Probiotics daily, one thing about the Vet diets for skin problems they are very high in omega 3, so make sure if you’re not feeding a vet diet & doing an elimination diet or feeding normal dry kibble, start adding fish/salmon or Krill Oil capsules, Krill Oil capsules are suppose to not cause stomach problems & are better for dogs who suffer with Stomach problems…
    Here’s the Rayne Canada site..

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    For best results go to a board certified veterinary dermatologist. Food allergies are rare. Food sensitivities fluctuate.
    More often than not environmental allergies are the culprit.
    The only accurate test for that is intradermal skin testing. The most natural treatment for environmental allergies is allergen specific immunotherapy otherwise known as allergy shots or desensitization.
    See my posts, example /forums/topic/hes-got-good-and-environmental-allergies/#post-113364

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    Charles B

    anon101, Im aware of the environmental allergies – the linked topic above is our other dog 🙂

    Tex has the environmental allergies, Jake definitely has a food based allergy. I could move him back today to Acana Duck and all his itching would go away. That’s why we use it as our control. We will switch up his foods, and then use the Acana to level him out again and he’ll go back to having no allergy symptoms.

    Last night we gave him the Annamaet Adult which we use for our other dog, and within 30 minutes he was violently chewing his front paws. So we will be switching him back to the Acana for the rest of the week to level him out again.

    I remember that Fromm had a Duck, but I cant remember why we dont use it. We use to use only Fromm with him as a puppy but we ended up switching things up for some reason.

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    Oops! I misunderstood.

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