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    Steve P

    Hi, I feed 5 dogs…. 2 “Teddy Bears” Bichon / Shih-Tzu mix
    1 “Golden Doodle”
    1 “Great Dane”
    1 “Blue Heeler / Lab” mix

    One of my Teddy Bears Itches, and scratches constantly, has developed some sores, yeast in ears, and odor. I feed Diamond Naturals, Lamb & Rice. Yes, it’s not the best, but it’s $36 for 40#. I’m a disabled Police Officer, single dad, so my budget is a concern. Any suggestions on a food that will help his itching? And not break the bank? Thx!

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    Melinda M

    Sometimes the best food is the worst food. I have a 5.5 yr old American bulldog. He had skin issues, yeast, waxy ears, hot spots, rashes, k9 acne, you name it he had it.
    I had him on Merrick, orajen, froom, every expensive kibble out there. Nothing helped. I know Raw is the best but at 112lbs, I cant afford it myself to feed him 8 dollar a day food.
    So I got desperate and went to walmart because I had given up. I spotted new food on their shelves, NOOD. He prances around like a puppy now. Skin is perfect. No issues with gas or stools and his skin is no longer pink.

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    Charlotte R

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