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    We are adopting two dogs. One is a mix of Hound/Rhodesian Ridgeback and the other is a Papillon. Can I feed them the same food?

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    Yes you can feed them the same foods. Find a couple they like and do well on. Try not to feed the same thing over and over.

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    We only use raw-food with our bulldog now. She was having a ton of issues with the grain-filled dog foods that my mom typically bought her (gas, bloating, infections/rashes). I tried all sorts of stuff to change it up too, like adding probiotic supplements to her diet, as well as digestive enzymes. There are a few brands out there are specifically for pets and not just human-grade stuff. We also mixed yogurt in with her dog food helped to help with some yeast issues issues we had. It’s our own special “cocktail” but it seems to work for her brilliantly. It took us forever to find the right mix, but now we are thrilled and she seems much happier. :O)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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