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    I have two female Dachshunds, not related, who have been eating Natural Balance, in the Log style, for the past 4 + years. Now they have both come down in Diabetes. Our Vet told us we had to change the food immediately to a Diabetic food and she put them on Vetssulin twice a day, each. I read on the label of Natural Balance to see what the content of sugar was in a roll of their food, and it does not say, it just says Sugar. Has anyone heard anything about this food?? Bov

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    Up above, click library in the red line. Scroll down til you see an article on diabetic foods. Hopefully someone who knows will be of more help. I believe you want a low glycemic food.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi suesue2013 –

    Unfortunately most rolled dogs foods contain sugar (or some other sweetener) as a preservative. Rolled foods are very unhealthy (at least all the rolled foods I’ve seen). 🙁

    I would highly recommend reading the following articles and doing a lot of your own research prior to deciding to feed a “prescription” veterinary recommended diet:

    “Canine Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Diet” from Whole Dog Journal:

    “Canine Diabetes: A Common Yet Serious Problem” from Whole Dog Journal:

    “Help Manage Your Dog’s Diabetes Through Proper Diet” from Whole Dog Journal:

    “Canine Diabetes” from Dog Aware:

    “Diet and Diabetes” from Dog Aware:

    “Life Style Factors that Can Plague Your Pet with Diabetes” by Dr. Becker:

    “The Devastating but Preventable Disease that Affects Your Pet” by Dr. Becker:

    **Some of the Whole Dog Journal articles may not be available to non-subscribers.

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    Hi Sue,

    So sorry you’re dealing with these issues. What a rough patch!

    I think HoundDogMom has great links, above. I’m have less depth of reading in the area, but I’d just like to mention a few things I know to be true.

    1) sugar, regardless of the amount, shouldn’t be in our dog(s)’ food. It has no place in their diet.
    2) most vet-prescribed food is of surprisingly POOR quality. It makes no sense, but this is just the way it is. It often contains corn, syrups, wheat, rice, and various fillers, with meat/meals several ingredients down the list.
    3) diabetes in some cases can be reversed, so read up as much as you can! I was terrified when my dog started having seizures last year, but I’ve done a lot of research and feel much more in control. The more you know!
    4) If they are overweight, this is extremely dangerous for a dachshund because of their spines. Dachshunds should always stay just a few ounces underweight (lean!).

    Sorry if I’m repeating things you already know.
    Good luck! 🙂

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    Thank you very much for your information, to not be sorry for anything that I can read or for the good advice. And yes my little girls were a little overweight, however, the vet kept telling me she was not too concerned ‘yet’. But what was shocking to her was than both girls came down with diabetes and they are not from the same parents. She said “the overweight did not cause this problem” But you are correct, it was not good for them. Being on the vet diet got them down about 4 lbs each which is really good and they look great. Thanks for your concerns. Bob

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