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    We adopted our 5 year old black lab from an animal rescue two years ago. Hamilton was four years old and had spent two years in shelters before he wound up in a shelter in our area. Hamilton appears to be an allergic dog, he has very dry skin and is constantly licking his paws. On our vet’s advice we have him on Omega 3 capsules and an antihistamie. Hamilton is also a very fussy eater, liking a food one day and turning his nose at it the next. He currently is eating Merrick Classic with a scoop of Natural Balance Stew mixed in. He seems to be doing well on this food combination, with his weight holding steady at 71 pounds

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    Hi hamiltonmom,

    So glad you chose to adopt this deserving rescue. My little guy, Bailey, had a similar history. And like you, I also discovered that “topping” his otherwise lifeless dry kibble with fresh or canned dog food makes him really enjoy his meal. You can learn more about diet rotation on our FAQ page.

    Keep up the good work!

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