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    My yorkie has been on Heartgard plus but every month when I give it to him it makes him sick. He is a rescue and when I got him he had heartworms. We also live in South. I have been thinking about switching him to interceptor. My vet does not sell this. Where is a safe place to order it and what do you think about switching?

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    If you read reviews, Interceptor isn’t consistently effective. I’d stick with Heartgard Plus. I cut it into tiny pieces and feed right after a full meal only. Ask your vet if it’s okay to give a bit less of the whole piece for his weight.

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    Leslie W

    I have three Yorkies and likewise one of them has an issue when I give the Heartworm med. I have ordered meds for my dogs for numerous years anad never had a problem with 1-800-PetMeds online. My dogs have been on Interceptor before but I think there was an issue with getting it at one time and I swithched to Sentinel. He still seems to have a problem with this one so my Vet told me to cut in half and give half then give the other half 72 hours later. So far that seems to work for him.

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    Leslie W

    PS – Make sure you are giving it with a large meal not just with a snack.

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    susan k

    You can get Ivermectin compounded for your dogs by weight at any good compounding pharmacy that does pet meds. And it’s 100% effective if you only give it every six weeks (not four). That way your dogs aren’t getting de-wormed for every conceivable kind of parasite — just heartworm. As long as they aren’t boarded, don’t drink puddle water, or eat dog poop or road kill on the street, all you really need is heartworm protection. I’ve been having Ivermectin capsules made for my dogs for several years now. For two or three days prior to Ivermectin and two or three days after, I also give them liver support drops — in my case Senior Support by Animals Essentials, which I get from my local holistic vet (but it’s available from Amazon). Ten drops added to food twice a day. This helps the Ivermectin pass through the liver. My dogs still get a tiny bit lethargic, I think, but this whole system is gentler than using Heartguard Plus or any of those other powerful deworming meds.

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