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    Chance D

    Hello everyone! Me and my partner have four beautiful four legged babies, 2 small terrier mixes, a chihuahua, and miniature schnauzer. I am looking for s good healthy food to switch them too, hopefully one that is not outrageously priced. However, on top of looking for a new healthy food I would really like to purchase large bags ( at least 50lbs) All the healthy affordable food comes in very small bags. I understand better quality food means the less that they need to eat. But, still there is FOUR of them! So any suggestions would be oh so appreciated 🙂

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    Some of the Victor dog foods come in 50 lb bags. Also, Flint River Ranch comes in 10 or 20 lb bags but you can buy a larger quantity for a less. The fats in kibble can start to go rancid once a bag is opened if not stored properly so using a bag up within a month or less of opening can be a good idea.

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    Dr Tim’s is a gret food, great company, no recalls. Three of his formulas come in 40 and 44 lb. I do not think any high quality food comes in a 50lb bag.

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    I buy the Victor grain free joint health recipe in 50lb bags. I think it is the only one that comes in 50lbs, but I believe a few of their other recipes with grain come in 40lb bags. I have two large dogs, 80 and 85 pounds. I think it is a great company. Good luck!

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    Lynn J

    One thing to consider is that you typically want to finish a bag within 3-6 weeks. This is because the better foods do not have synthetic preservatives, and fats start becoming rancid after being exposed to air (when the bag is opened). I have read that some people open a bag and freeze half, you would need freezer space to do that. Maybe other people can comment on this.

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    The fish oils and vitamin E begin to dissipate immediately once the bag is opened. I store 1/2 the contents of a bag in a tightly closed container and store it in a cool place, put what I am using in a large coffee container in the fridg, refill every few days.

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    Chance D

    Thank you all so much for the tips and recommendations!! I have a deep freeze in the garage that might finally come in handy 🙂

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