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    Dave R

    So, my three dry options are;

    Orijen – Seens great, filler free, high protein

    Acana – Looks great ingredient wise, high protein; however, there’s some horrid negative reviews on kidney failure, not sure if theyre recent or due to the new kentucky plant. And they contain catfish meal, are they not bottom dwellers?

    Nulo – Not many reviews, USA Made, looks great, no negative reviews

    Honest Kitchen – Already Have it. I’ll probably just add this to his dry and wet foods on occasion.

    Wet foods;

    Natures Logic – Possible raw frozen as well

    So man to choose from it can be overwhelming.

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    Zignature is a quality food. I have a poodle mix with environmental allergies (she receives treatment from a veterinary dermatologist) and a sensitive stomach.
    She did well on Nutrisca Salmon for years, but due to recent changes within that company, I decided to switch to Zignature Whitefish or Catfish kibble as a base about 2-3 months ago, excellent results. I have heard good things about their canned food also.
    Often I just cook up a bit of protein something to add to it along with a splash/1/4 cup of water.
    My other dog likes it too 🙂
    Ps: In my opinion, you are overthinking the whole catfish thing. Look at what humans pay to eat lobster, lol, are they not bottom feeders? What about krill oil? Fish oil? Don’t we take these supplements ourselves and add them to our dogs diets?

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    Dave R

    Okay, after reading the testing for heavy metals for dog food i.e purity, I’m even more concerned. Honest Kitchen, except for their fish formula rates great but Acana and Orijen all rate 1 star with a few rating 3 which is average. Nulo also rates 1 in wet food and three in dry, which saddens me.

    Has any tried that ‘I and Love and You’ brand?? Zig looks great but it has yet to grt tested. The tests also could be bunk.

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    Dave R

    We do but catfish are well known to carry in fresh water PCB’s and other enviormental toxins from industrial plants that seep into the rivers. Lobster is open ocean.

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    Yeah, right. Whatever. Go to Zignature’s website and ask questions, they are user friendly.

    Most of these health conditions that you are worried about have a genetic predisposition and have nothing to do with the diet.

    Go to http://skeptvet.com/Blog/ and ask questions, nothing is being sold over there.

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    Hi Dave,
    do your researched pick a few brands you like, then start introducing 1 of those brands see how our dog does in a 2-4 week period, then start rotating between a few of the brands you like but make sure they have a different meat protein, don’t ever just feed a kibble that is fish based, dogs need to eat different meat sources, fish is the highest meat to have toxins. Pet food companies would be buying the cheapest fish off cuts, they wouldn’t be buying premium quality salmon, tuna, sardines etc, these fish kibble formula’s wouldn’t be the best & higher in toxins, your better off buying human grade tin salmon & sardines in spring water & add some as a topper to your dogs kibble, I stay away from any fish kibbles now & chickpeas & lentils, chickpeas lentils can cause gas, wind pain, intestinal problems & are hard to digest they also up the protein %, we need to start asking these pet food companies to write how much is the meat protein % & the plant protein % on their pet foods, I bet there’s alot of kibbles out there that are very high in plant proteins…
    Do you follow “Rodney Habib” on his face book page? he’s been exposing pet food companies & telling the public about all their little tricks these Pet food companies use to see their pet foods, how they up the protein %, false advertising on their kibble bags, he has really good videos on all this…..Rodney is a raw feeder now after his 14 yr old Golden Retriver Sammy was diagnosed with cancer 2014, he makes his own raw for his dogs & Sammy is cancer free now, he has a video that shows just adding 1-2 spoons of fresh whole healthy food as a topper to your dogs kibble meal can prevent them from getting cancer, even after you have cooked dinner if you have some left overs keep in fridge & give to your dog instead feeding 1 of her/his kibble meal or add as a topper….this is what our parents did & the dogs were living longer back them then the dogs are living now, dogs are dying much younger now & most are feed dry processed kibble…

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    Zignature Dog Food
    Our catfish are farm raised in Georgia so that we can monitor what they’re eating (which are GMO free foods). Knowing how catfish behavior is we made this decision and were very selective with choosing a farm to guarantee it’s humane.

    Recent response to a question I asked over in comments, Zignature reviews


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