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    Aaron J

    For anyone that has purchased from Hare Today…what am I supposed to purchase to have the most complete prey model raw diet? They have many varieties of any ground protein/bones/organs… however looking at turkey as a protein, it has 27% bone. I don’t know what I would need to purchase in order to have a complete pmr diet for my dog. Ideally, I would prefer to just defrost the meat, scoop, measure, and feed… I don’t think they have that option?

    Any feedback in regards to this is appreciated!!


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    Hi Aaron,
    I’ve been ordering from Hare Today for a couple years; they’re awesome! Regarding the “defrost, scoop, measure & feed”…..that is exactly what I do with their grinds. I buy the bone-in grinds & do just that. One of mine needs no added boneless; the other does.
    All you need to do is feed her grinds as long as they have bone-in. If they don’t have tripe in what you’re looking at, purchase some ground to add to the tripe-less grinds. I also feed duck or turkey necks and beef rib bones for dental health.
    I suggest you email Tracy from Hare, she’s the owner & very helpful but she is on vacation this week (pretty sure). Where are you located?

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    Aaron J

    Thanks InkedMarie. I am in NY.

    Do you purchase this: Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs?

    That is what I am currently looking at.

    However…. it also states that this is the ratio:
    68% meat
    27% bone
    5% organ [liver]

    27% bone is too much bone, I believe. Do you feed more turkey meat to substitute etc?

    I still don’t think that above option would be suitable to feed….
    I know My Pet Carnivore offers


    which appears to be a more suitable all in one meal??

    However, their prices are high.

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    Yes, I feed Hare’s Turkey that you mentioned and have had no problem with constipation from too much bone. One of mine gets a little boneless with it; the other dog does not. I believe they follow the 80/10/10 for prey model.

    I have not dealt with My Pet Carnivore. Look at ReelRawDog dot com: if you buy 30lbs, you get free shipping. I have found that even with their free shipping, the only way it’s cheaper is to buy their 10lb complete mixes.

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    Aaron J

    Thanks InkedMarie!

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    From the MPC website:

    “We recommend a diet consisting of 80% meat, 10% bone & 10% organs which approximates a whole prey diet as we believe nature intended. Any My Pet Carnivore product that has “Whole Ground…” or “Whole Prey…” in the description is the complete animal (minus intestines, fur or feathers). If you are looking for an easy meal, that’s the way to go! ”


    When I order raw, I order from MPC because I’m on their home delivery route.

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    Hare Today has the natural ratio of meat to bone. Chicken, turkey, duck, etc. have a higher bone content, so their grinds have a higher bone content.

    My JRT gets constipated from too much bone. When I feed her fowl, I add some pumpkin with it or add some extra boneless meat.

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    Pamela C

    Is it recommended to supplement with hare today? I’m planning on doing half kibble & half raw. I ordered a pretty good selection of protein but I’m just paranoid about giving her too much bone or not enough organ.

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    If you go to the Hare Today website, click on “raw food education” (it’s a picture of a cat wearing glasses) then click feeding dogs. Tracey, the owner, says if you feed a variety, all you need is salmon or anchovy oil. I feed strictly Hare and use salmon oil, joint supplements and I feed egg 2-3x weekly.
    Tracey is very helpful; email her and she will answer your questions. Remember to do a review, send in pictures, ‘like” Hare on fb to earn points that give you money off future orders!

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