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    Jennifer H

    I’ve transitioned my Maltese (mix?) to half raw, half kibble/wet. He gets 1/8th cup kibble (TOTW High Prairie) with a dollop of 4/5 star wet in the AM, and 2.5oz PMR in the PM.

    It’s been roughly a month, and I’ve gradually noticed that his once very prominent, reddish brown stains have gradually been going away. There are now only faint, old stains. However, I’ve noticed he still has eye ‘goop’, it’s just now clear, instead of colored. Is this due to possible coloring in the kibble? I was wondering if it was perhaps the reduced carbs.
    His eyes have always been very wet (they bulge a lot, and he has issues with his eyelashes)
    Even more motivation to make the full switch to raw, though. 😀

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    According to research, it should not be a coloring in the food. It can be a bacterial or fungal infection in the tear duct, and many people here have noticed tear staining changes with food changes. It could be the reduction in carbs reducing the food for whatever bacteria/fungus is causing it. It could be that the raw/food change is improving your dog’s immune system.

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    Jennifer H

    Hmm. He’s had the stains since I got him (bit over a year ago), and they reduced since I switched him to a better quality food (altho TOTW is nowhere near the best, I know) but he still had him….the vet never seemed to be concerned. Is there something I should be giving him if it is some sort of fungus? Blehh, that grosses me out. I know there’s Angel Eyes, but I’m not very comfortable with giving him low dose antibiotics if it isn’t necessary.

    He does still have the ‘leakage’ but I attributed that to his bulging eyes and lash irritation. Hmm…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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