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    Just watched a great documentary on Pet Food on Netflix called “Pet Fooled”!
    Would recommend this to everyone.

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    Patti M

    Thanks! I will watch it!

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    Thanks will look it up and watch. Any new surprises?

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    Well, One surprise to me was there are loopholes provided by the FDA for certain by product ingredients to be in their foods…

    Well worth the time to watch it …

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    Susan J

    I skimmed it because I did not like it. Feel free to dismiss my words here. I did not care about the vet’s experience as a child. The photos of dead animals in a pile were inflammatory. I could be totally wrong but I do not believe that is common. As for feeding raw, seems like those who like this kind of feeding are just over the edge promoting raw food. My dog is not a wild dog, and he does not need raw food like he just caught something. Nevertheless, I do believe some dog foods, maybe many, are prepared with ingredients and techniques we would not want to see. And the wording used in advertising is laughable. “Nest laid eggs.” That’s just silly.

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