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    Looking for some advice:

    11.5 week old great dane puppy.
    29 lbs

    I have been feeding him Nature’s Variety Prarie Large Breed Puppy kibble since about 7 weeks old (currently eating about 3.75 cups per day).
    Everything was fine, then a couple weeks ago he started getting frequent pudding poops. Behavior has been fine, eating fine, drinking fine. No signs of dehydration. After about a week we had the vet look at him. He took a stool sample and put him on a 5 day course of Panacur and probiotics. Stool sample came back negative, but after 4 days his stools firmed up and were great–for 24 hours. Now we’re back to pudding.

    I don’t want to switch up his diet prematurely (seems like folks sometime aggravate things by switching too much).


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    Is he still on probiotics? You can try digestive enzymes, they don’t upset the stomach like a food change can. You can also try adding a spoonful of pure canned pumpkin to his meals. Sometimes the extra fiber helps them regulate the amount of moisture left in the stool. Their are also supplements like Perfect Form by the Honest Kitchen that help heal gut irritation and get the stool back to normal.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    Still on the probiotics. Tried pumpkin from the beginning. Didn’t seem to have an effect. Used about a spoonful with each of his three meals. Should we try more/less pumkin?
    Could you recommend any enzymes or products like Perfect Form that I would be able to find at my local Petco?

    Thanks again.

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    Petco does not carry Perfect Form. I got it at our local feed store. It is made by The Honest Kitchen. You’ll probably have to go to a more boutique type pet store that carries the Honest Kitchen line of food. You could always order online if you are not opposed to that. Good luck!

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    We fed Prairie to our Brittany when she first came here and she had soft to diarrhea stools, never could get it formed.

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    Maybe he cant handle too much Fiber, My boy cant, he’s on the Eukanuba Intestinal they make a puppy Intestinal..I know people dont like vet diets but the Eukanuba doesnt have too many ingredients, I’d put him on the Intestinal to get everything working right for about 3 months then slowly, very slowly start adding a new food or a kibble u’d like him to be on, My boy cant have too much fiber or Flaxseed & flaxseed is in a lot of these suppost to be healthy new kibbles…I really think that there’s too much added to these grain free kibbles, when there’s too many ingredients u dont know whats upsetting their tummy & bowel..if you dont want the vet prescription its sold at pet shops as Eukanuba ‘Sensitive Digestion’..Its also money back guaranteed if ur dog doesnt eat or doesnt stop diarrhea..

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