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    Katherine S

    Based on dogfoodadviser’s 5 star rating on wellness core puppy grain free I am feeding it to my new golden retriever puppy. I spoke to someone today that felt grain free promoted too much growth for puppies….anyone have knowledge on this?
    Katherine Schantz

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    Jane E

    I think Champion Pet foods addresses these questions about as well as I’ve seen. Look over this FAQ page and also a white paper that explains in detail any concerns one may have when it comes to protein (grain free) and see what you think http://www.orijen.ca/faq/

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    Diana B

    I have 2 Goldens. Oliver, now 2 was raised on Orijen large breed puppy and continues to eat grain free. Leo, now 5 months is eating Fromms large breed puppy, but I am transitioning him to Orijen, so he too can be grain free. Wellness Core Puppy would be my next choice. And besides being grainfree, (Goldies are notorious for skin issues,) both foods, Orijen and Wellness, have the DFA’s 5 star rating and are for large breed puppies. That helped me decide. Also, there is a new article about feeding large breed puppies on this site you will find helpful! Make sure you switch foods gradually if you change them. I made that mistake with Leo, and have changed my definition of “gradually.” Hope this helps!

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    Holly B

    I am slowly switching my 19 week old puppy to Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy based on the Editor’s Choice and 5 star review. Curious to hear some answers to your question. He loves it and it has to be better than the Purina Pro Plan Focus he was getting 🙂

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    Michael B

    Hey Diana, Fromm is coming out with a Grain Free Gold line this month.

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    Diana B

    Hi Michael – thanks. I did know this. I actually spoke with the Fromm’s head nutritionist when I questioned whether I could put my puppy on their lamb and lentil grainfree- my 2 year old Oliver thrives on it!! He told me about this new food but I haven’t been able to see the ingredients list as of last week. Where did you find the info? I would be very interested in feeding this but I would hope it would be a highly rated food!

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    Hi Diana: Fromm Lamb and Lentil grain free is part of our rotation. My 10 month old Standard Schnauzer does well on it. no problem with her poop at all. It’s an all stages food I believe.

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