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    Anyone own a Golden Retriever? If so what do you feed yours?
    My Golden Retriever Angel is 8 years old and has these problems;
    *dry skin
    *itchy skin
    *red skin
    *scabs all over back, chest and tail
    *weak hip and joints
    *Gains weight really quick
    *eats very fast
    *Very gassy
    She is on Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior along with Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Adult and Wellness Simple Salmon and Potato mixed in. She has only had chicken her entire life. These are the brands that she has tried as a puppy and a adult;
    *Eukanuba Puppy
    *Purina Pro Plan Puppy
    *Purina One Adult
    *Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Adult
    *Royal Canine Golden Retriever
    *Blue Buffalo Large Breed Senior
    *Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior
    *Wellness Simple Salmon and Potato
    None of these I was happy with and none of them did the trick except for Royal Canine (kinda). What can you suggest? I’m open to ANY suggestions, including all life stages dog food. She will eat anything and I mean anything at all. My only stipulation is that I can find the brand in multiple stores. She never gets bored of the same brand or flavor.

    Thank You All

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    My suggestion is to get her off chicken and maybe switch up her carb source too. Dry, itchy, scabby, red skin and gas point to food intolerances to me.

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    I have a friend with a golden that has a lot of the same food intolerance issues that you described. She has had a lot of luck with this food: http://www.nutro.com/natural-dog-food/natural-choice-dog-food/dry/adult-grain-free-venison-and-potato.aspx She says its the only thing she has found that controls the itching, scabbing, hairloss etc.

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    Another option might be to check out the Nature’s Variety LID line, as they use peas and tapioca I think instead of potato which would be a different carb source as BC Nut suggested.

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