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    GINA R

    Is there anyone in this forum that feeds their dogs GO dog food specifically the Limited Ingredient Grain Free Turkey blend? I was feeding my dog this food for several months but I had to take him off this food in June due to diarrhea issues. I purchased a bag back in early June that had bits of white beads on the kibble. I took the bag back to my dog food store and they understandably took it back and said they would notify the distributer of the issue. One week later the dog food store received a new batch of GO turkey kibble which I took home and fed my dog. The top portion of the bag looked fine but as I got half way through the bag I began to see a little bit of the white beads that were present in the previous batch. It wasn’t long after that my dog began having diarrhea. Since then I have been trying to find another dog food that will work with my dog’s metabolism. Right now I am trying a new dog food called Hound & Gatos grain free turkey kibble with added taurine. He is doing fine on this food so far and I hope this food will maintain his weight.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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