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    Katy H

    Hi guys. So my shepherd mix was just diagnosed with lymphoma the other day, 7 months after our Golden died of hemangiosarcoma.

    We’re very concerned about why we’ve had 2 dogs diagnosed with cancer in an 8 month period. Neither were very old. Our Golden was 8 1/2. Our shepherd is 10 1/2. Prior to this, all of our dogs (save one with a genetic disorder) have lived to 12-17 years of age.

    In researching possible causes of cancer, GMO ingredients came up. Is there any truth to this link? If so, can anyone recommend a good GMO-free food (or how to find one)?

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    Some aggressive forms of cancer tend to strike between ages 8 and 10, age 7 and above is considered a senior.
    I lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma at age 9+
    It’s not the food (imo). There is a genetic link. Goldens are #1 on the cancer list.
    Here is some science based info:
    Sorry for your loss.

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    Hi Katy,
    So Sorry what has happened,
    what did your dogs eat? were they eating a dry kibble, did you rotate your dry kibbles or just feed the same brand 24/7.. Did your dogs have human foods & less kibble?

    If you’re are on Face Book follow “Rodney Habib” he’s been traveling the world speaking with scientists etc & trying to work out why some dogs like Maggie from Australia lived till she was 30yrs old?? google “Maggie The Oldest dog in the world” then there’s other dogs like your poor dogs that get cancer, some dogs are as young a 3- 4yrs old…

    google “Ketopet Diet” & follow Ketopet on f/Rodney has a really good video about a dog name Carli she survived the cancer your dog has..look in his video’s

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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