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    Hi all.

    I am new here, but I have been having issues on and off for awhile now, and was just wondering if you could help. I have a 1 yr old Giant Schnauzer, and a 3 yr old mini Schnauzer. Both are being fed Blue Wilderness, and my mini is having zero issues. My giant, on the other hand, is terribly flatulent (I mean, eye-watering, weapon-grade stench) and has diarrhea, or loose stools, almost always. Being that Blue Wilderness is a high end dog food, I am at a loss as for what to do.

    Any suggestions for what appears to be a sensitive stomach to what I was told is a high quality food?


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    Have you tried anything else to see if that helps? Could be an intolerance to something in that food. Blue is a somewhat controversial food, and people have issues that don’t seem like they should be happening. There is some murkiness with that company when it comes to laying it all out on the table. I don’t have any experience on it other than one puppy I got was on it so I bought a 5 lb to acclimate her to my house.

    How long has the giant had the problems? If it’s just a day or two, you can try adding some pumpkin or probiotics to help her stomach. If it’s been longer, I would maybe bring her to the vet, or switch her diet to see if you can get it cleared up that way.

    Which Blue Wilderness Blend is she (he?) on? Sometimes high protein can be a shock to dogs stomachs if they were on something else with much lower protein and jumped to something like wilderness

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    I’d switch the pup immediately. He already has loose stool, so a quick switch wouldn’t hurt. Something he’s eating doesn’t agree with him and the longer he’s exposed to it, the more damage that it can do to his gut. It sounds like he’s been eating the Blue Buffalo for at least a little while, is that right? A good I found that was very easy to make a quick switch to is NutriSource. I used the Adult Chicken & Rice when I needed to make a fast switch with a pup of mine.

    I’d pay close attention to the ingredients in what you’re feeding and your pups reaction to the food in an effort to try to determine the offending ingredients. I ended up with a spreadsheet with one of mine before I figured out that he can’t eat fish in any form, chickpeas or garlic (garlic, of all things).

    Personally, I wouldn’t feed any Blue Buffalo products.

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    Jen..when was the last time a fecal was done? If not recent havd one done and be sure they screen for giarrfia and coccidia.

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    Hi Jen-
    I think Melissa means Giardia. Lol! But, either way, I totally agree. Please have a fecal done if you haven’t already. My dogs have had both multiple times. It’s very common here in the NW as we have damp mild weather. The symptoms sound like that could be the cause. I sure hope you figure it out. It’s stressful having a sick pup.

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    Robin C

    Hi Betsy
    I was reading your response to someone, and thought you sounded knowledgeable.
    I am new to everything, new to this sight and new to being a mom to a lab puppy. I am making my own dog food. So far he seems to love it and all veggies as well. What I don’t know about is what should I not give him? I heard not to give him onions, but what about mushrooms? Are they okay to mix in to his veggie mixture or no?

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    Thanks everyone. As she was just spayed a few weeks ago, she had all sorts of testing done and I live in a region where Giardia isn’t a prevalent issue anyway. I fed her some chicken, rice and carrots before switching her to a different food and today (thank god!) her stomach is back to normal and she’s having normally formed poops, so I am happy!

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    Excellent, that is great to hear!

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