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    Hi new to this but need help. VERY finicky 5 mo old lab rescue wont eat anything but canned natural balance fish/sweet potato. WOULD love to not have a house pyament each time I buy the food – isnt there ANYTHING that walmart or grocery store carries thats just as good but at least HALF the price? I need help – never had a dog – only had her for a month and hate seeing her starve herself.

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    You’ll have much better luck if you can shop at a pet store or online. If you have to shop at a grocery store, look for Nutrisca. If at Walmart, Pure Balance. Be careful, you have a young dog that will end up very picky if you don’t stop this now. Put down food, leave it down for 15 min. Pick up what is not eaten, dog gets nothing else til the next eal.

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    Look into Victor. They have grain free and grain inclusive foods for a really good price and higher quality than Natural Balance, in my opinion. Victor is even sold at feed stores. You can go to their website to find a retailer near you.

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