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    I have a beautiful 5 month old German Shepherd puppy, that has consistently had very soft stool/diarrhea since I got her. I was feeding her Orijen large breed puppy formula, and recently switched to Acana LBP, with no noticable change to her stool.

    I’ve searched for advice but have not found an answer anywhere. My dog walker thinks her diet is too high protein and that Shepherd’s have sensitive stomachs. On her advice I’ve tried adding white rice and carrots, but neither has shown any effect.

    Could you please help me with any suggestions for food or some kind of supplements that I can give her? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Have you tried adding a little canned pumpkin to the diet? You need to buy pure pumpkin, no added sugars. We place a big spoonful on top of our dogs kibble if his stools haven’t been as firm as we’d like, it adds some fiber and helps. We also use pumpkin to stuff their kongs, then freeze them overnight so they have a treat in their kennel when we leave.

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    Mant GSDs have pancreases that don’t work as well as they should. You can have your vet test for this. After that add probiotics and digestive enzymes to every meal.

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