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    Maureen A M

    OK, so I’m either suffering from pre-Alzhiemers, dementia or super stressed from mopping up pee. I wrote a statement about the Blue Divine Delights and where it was made and how and blah blah blah.

    THIS is what I meant to share; I got it off of their website:

    Where is your food manufactured?
    We create and develop our own recipes with our staff veterinarians and PhD nutritionists. We work with only U.S. partners to manufacture our products according to our recipes and specifications. Product quality is our #1 priority. We have strict controls in place to make sure that our ingredients meet the highest quality standards. All of our ingredients come from facilities that are USDA-approved and inspected.

    They sure dance around the question and never answer it. I will never buy their products again. Be honest, tell people where it’s made.


    Goodnight once again
    Maureen Martinek

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    Is this Blue as in, the dog food brand? If so, they don’t ever really share any information…at all. I just avoid them

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    Maureen A M

    Hey aquariangt,

    Did I spell that right? Can’t even spell my name today. I was flummoxed by the person who replied to my post about Blue Buffalo because their website NEVER mentions that the food is sourced or made in the USA. The person who answered my post said she/he had spoken to some one who worked for Blue Buffalo. Sure, I”d say the brand I worked for was made in the USA. ANd…..if it is why arent’ they proudly announcing it on their packaging?

    Aaaaagh. One of those days when the rescue puppies peed on the couch while I was rinsing out the mop from their other ‘accidents’. I was only gone four hours and they have puppy pads. I love all the rescues (4), but I want to get back to my four old guys who are now terrified of their mother who tends to scream a lot. Like when couch cushion is pulled off the couch so it can be peed on???? Why not just pee on the damn thing while it’s still on the couch?

    Oh my. IF I had a bigger house and more money (don’t we all) I”d keep them. The little rescue girl is still so afraid that if I touch her she pees. I try to pick her up and stroke her and talk quietly to her and she’ll let me get kinda close to give her treats. She has something wrong with her leg and limps a lot. I hope she finds a good home. Our ‘RICH’ persons animal rescue organization’s executive director told me to have them put down. I’ve had them three months. Guess I didn’t offer to make a donation. And, if I won the lottery I wouldn’t give them a penny. I know people who are able to turn in dogs ‘with’ a donation.


    Hope your day is better than mine. Your dog is cute, border collie? I have a part border collie. She is so FAT and I mean FAT. Part of it is lack of exercise since my disability I haven’t been able to walk her and she eats as is she will never be fed again. She’s lilke a vacuum. But Border Collies are so so so smart. She learned to open the back door whenshe wanted to come in and has nipped at my calves (calfs?) to make me move faster.

    I am taking your advice and not buying Blue whatever anymore.

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    Dani is a sheltie-she’s my avatar. I also have a miniature schnauzer

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