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    Vanessa B

    Our 5 month old french bulldog has brought so much life and laughter into our home, and we all love him to pieces!! However, his gas is so horribly bad – room clearing bad… Wake you up from REM sleep bad… Melt this skin off your face bad!! We feed him Blue Buffalo Wilderness 100% grain free for puppies (at the recommendation of our local pet store Manager). I spoke to the lady I bought him from last night, and she told me that what I am feeding him has too much protein for him. She also said he needs to be on adult food. She suggested I transition Rocco (our Frenchie) to Royal Canin Bulldog 24. Here is some background: Rocco has ONLY eaten the dogfood I mentioned earlier… No table scraps, no people food. I have never tried yogurt in his food – I understand how yogurt helps our human guts but the fear of not knowing 100% what it may or may not do to Rocco’s belly makes me hesitant.

    I will certainly take her advice into consideration, but I was hoping to possibly obtain further advice/knowledge/suggestions from this online community! Thank you all in advance for taking time to read my post! Any and all thoughts are welcomed! We are at the last little bit of his Blue Buffalo Wilderness bag of food so this is a good time to start transitioning him. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts!

    ***I am helping my husband with some outside work today so if you post a question for me just please know that I will respond to it but it might be a little while before I am able to log back into this site.

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    He doesn’t need to switch to adult food. Personally I feed puppy food to all ages. Adding a multi-strain probiotic and digestive enzymes will help him to digest better even though the food has them in it already. Sometimes they lose their potency with the kibble making process. And kibble is just hard and dry and can take several hours to break down and the dog digestive system is fast so dense kibble sometimes doesn’t get broken down enough. And the undigested protein makes powerful gas! My pup used to have terrible gas too. After being on probiotics for a while he should get more efficient with digestion. I’d give the supplement with each meal for several weeks and see how he does. My group only gets supplements once or twice a week and only if they eat kibble.

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    Hi Vanessa, when I first rescued Patch he’d clear a room, it was awful…I put him on a dog probiotic & changed his food… have a look at the Wellpet Range, they make “Holistic Select” & “Wellness” kibbles & wet, the Holistic Select has a grainfree Adult & Puppy health Salmon Anchovy & Sardine meal or there’s Deboned Turkey & Lentils, maybe he cant handle the high protein so pick a kibble with a bit lower protein….but the Royal Canin is full of crap & probably the same price as a good quaility kibble, make sure you read the ingredients when picking a new kibble & pick a kibble that has different ingredients to the Blue Buffalo cause something is giving him bad gas which isnt good..also try some wet tin foods aswell, kibble is over proccessed & harder to digest, even some nice home cooked meals or raw.. he’s a link to the Holistic Select range

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    I think certain breeds tend to be gassier than others bulldogs, pugs etc have always seemed more so when they have been with is. Our bulldog can bring tears to your eyes when he eats turkey, and certain dry foods do it as well. When we find a problem with him we just avoid the food as gagging is not something I enjoy.

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