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    Nancy K

    Please DO NOT put any Frontline product on your pet. It causes death, seizures and terrible side effects to some dogs and cats. Rudy is 7 and developed seizures after having Frontline Plus. I immediately took him to the vet who did all kinds of tests to have all of them come back negative. He had several seizures after and one Sunday had 5 seizures in 3 hours. We took him to the emergency pet hospital. They kept him overnight. The next day he stayed overnight at our vets. After several more seizures, the vet put him on Phenobarbital. I asked the vet if it could be related to Frontline. He said no that Frontline was a safe drug. After doing some research on the computer and seeing how many other dogs had the same problems I knew that it was the Frontline. (Now my vet agrees that it probably was the Frontline) So needless to say we still have Rudy (thank God) but he is still on Phenobarbital and probably will be for the rest of his life thanks to Frontline Plus. I am 65 years old, and I have never witnessed anything as heartbreaking as seeing Rudy in a seizure. I thought for sure that I was going to lose him. We have to stop Frontline from selling this poison to us to use on our pets. We have started a group on Facebook that is planning on doing this. If you have had problems with this poison, please go to our Facebook page Frontline/Frontline Plus a Neuro-Toxic Poison and tell your story. Be sure to like this page. We have to stop them soon before we lose any more precious pets. Thank you.

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    Sorry Rudy had such a bad reaction to Frontline. I used it once then felt horribly guilty. I use Bug Off garlic wih some natural sprays.

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    Nancy K

    I am so thankful that Rudy is still with us. Hopefully soon we can get together enough people to have the courts take this off the market. What is really strange is we had been using Frontline Plus for about 5 years before and nothing ever happened (that we know of) One morning a month before when he had Frontline, our other dog started barking and wouldn’t stop so my husband got up and Rudy tried biting him. We should have realized something was wrong. Then the next month when we gave him to FP he had the seizure. Keep using the natural sprays but be careful as too much garlic is not good either. Thanks for replying.

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    Scott T

    Ok, two weeks ago on a Saturday morning my totally healthy Scottish terrier had a seizure. He has never ever had one before, we took him to the vet and they ran all kinds of tests and found no reason for the seizure except that the day before we put FRONTLINE PLUS on him! I am 100 percent certain that it was the FRONTLINE plus that caused the seizure. He has not had one since. I am telling everyone, DO NOT USE FRONTLINE OR ADVANTAGE OR HEARTGUARD on your dogs, this stuff is poison and goes directly to the nervous system.

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    Lynn P

    Scott T, my 5 year old Labrador Retriever had a similar situation. Last night, 24 hours after having Frontline Plus applied his head started shaking back and forth like he was starting to have a seizure. It happened three times in 15 minutes. Thankfully, he did not end up having a full seizure, but he had no control over his shaking and it has not happened again since. He is an otherwise healthy dog and this has never happened before. After doing a little research online, I am convinced that this strange neurological incident was related to Frontline Plus, and we will no longer be using this product. Thank you for your post

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    Christine W

    I have used Frontline plus 9 years + with not one problem,however,there was an article i read about the “phoney” ones,and how to spot the bad one (box) by certain things.

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    Somewhere around 2003 – 2004, I purchased Frontline Plus from my Vet after a rescue we took in spread fleas to my other dogs. Literally, the instant I applied it to my youngest Beagle, she actually screamed – and her underside had turned bright red, like it had given her a first degree burn. Not only that, but it did nothing to rid the other dogs of fleas. We went to Bio Spot after that and have never had an adverse reaction, even when I was forced to use it on a dog with cancer being inundated with fleas and a few dogs who either had epilepsy or were prone to seizures.

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    Kari P

    Where did you get your Frontline Plus from? I have read about counterfeit products being sold online. I buy Frontline Plus off of Amazon because it is so much cheaper than anywhere else, and we have never had a problem using it on our dog or any of the dogs in the rescue I volunteer with. I am however careful to check each box to make sure it is a genuine product. Sorry to hear about your dog.

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    elaine c

    the problem is that there are few, dogs that have a problem, but if it is your dog, it is personal! I would never put that stuff on any dog. If it says don’t touch, why would you put it on your dog. Goes right into their nervous system. I knew a dog that got epileptic sysures from it!

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    Christine W

    Elaine,Hi! what do you use?

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    Donna M

    Stay away from Bravecto too. There is a Facebook page about it killing dogs.
    I used Frontline once, and both dogs started acting weird within hours. I gave them both multiple baths.
    I use lavender oil on a bandana and I rub them down with food grade DE.

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    Marie P

    Frontline, Bravecto, Flea product dangers; Here is a good article on some LESS dangerous flea products from your VET and Safe Natural products to combat fleas/tics; I try to go natural when possible. Good list of Natural Flea fighters here http://***************

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    Karyn G

    My mix pup started having seizures at age 2.5, she was also diagnosed with severe allergies at 6 m. She was on Heartguard and Nexgard. We made the connection that one of the 2 were a catalyst. The box on the Nexguard stated that it should not be given to dogs with seizures, so why didn’t the vet know that??? Last month we changed her to Frontline Gold last month. No problems on that dose. She went without a seizure for over a month, which was miraculous. Well, I gave her Frontline Plus on Sunday May 7th, and this morning, May 8th she had a grand mal at 4:45 am and a tremor seizure at 4:54 am. I am just now finding out by this blog that other dogs are experiencing the same issue with Frontline. I will be looking for a natural flea control medicine. Any suggestions???

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    Carol C

    Hello – I have joined this forum as a result of my boyfriend’s dog – a black lab – 4.5 years old – recently has started having seizures. I have been helping take care of him and asked what type of Flea & Tick prevention he was on – it was Frontline for 4 years and now Advantix. We are now having to give him 4 pills a day for anti seizure medicine. We are stopping the topical flea and tick treatment immediately and moving over to Nexguard. Does anyone have a better alternative? We live in Tennessee where there is a huge flee & tick problem.
    After reading these blogs, it makes me sick to think that this has been such a wide spread problem with no warnings from Vets or anyone else!
    Thank you for offering this great forum to help us provide the best care we can for our loving 4 legged children!

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    Christine W

    Marie P.can you repost your link,it isn’t working.Thank you.

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    tania a

    My dog had his 1st seizure 12 days ago he had convulsions. The convulsions went on for less than 2 minutes. I don’t know what triggers them, He gets fidgety prior to having a seizure and paces quite a bit, Winter is always the roughest time for him as he can have up to 1 seizure per week (not much when compared with what some other poor dogs). He was in worse shape on the meds than he was with the seizures, so we elected to not medicate him. i read hundreds of blogs and websites It was during a casual conversation with a friend that I learned about doctor Benson Wooley, she gave me his contact. I contacted he i explain everything to him and make purchase of the herbal product. we had full expectation that my dog will find total rest from seizures, 2 months using herbal treatment, his seizures totally reduced. After finishing his treatment, more than 1 years now, he has been totally seizure free. he have not experienced a single seizures after using Herbal treatment. his medicine does not have any side effect. If you want to contact him call (904) 601-2741

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    a c

    My puppy is getting his 2nd dose of Frontline plus. Three days later, guess what? I found fleas on him. I have to give him flea shampoo to get raid of the fleas.

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    @ ac

    Do you have carpeting? You may need to call a professional exterminator if the fleas are in your house. Treating the dog just won’t be enough.
    Also, be careful about using more than one product at a time to treat the dog, it might be too much, remember they are pesticides and the Frontline is still in his bloodstream.
    Adverse reactions are possible.

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    a c

    Thank you, anon101. He seems ok and have stop scratching himself. I don’t have carpet in the house. Its strange that I found fleas on him but not the girls. Maybe they have better defense since they have been getting frontlines plus for years?

    I really don’t like the idea of putting pesticides on them. I wish there are more natural ways to avoid fleas.

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    I have heard good things about the Seresto collar. I may try it for one of my dogs next spring as she developed a bit of a rash from Advantix (topical) it was localized and didn’t last long.
    No other symptoms, but still, vet suggested using the collar instead.

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    Candice T

    GM, as an owner of two dogs that have developed seizures, I have stopped using all flea shampoo and meds.
    All gave my dogs seizures even when I cut the dose down in half or diluted the shampoo.
    It was horrible to watch and know I was the cause.
    I trusted the vets advise and numerous good rating on shampoos on Amazon before purchasing. All with disaterous results.
    My dogs bite and scratch at the spots where the spot drops were applied, hair lose and skin bubbling.
    First thing I did..
    A Luke warm bath a gentle shampoo and wash Ed rinsed and repeated..3 times until the pain and sting went away.
    Next I gave Activated Charcoal 1 three times daily for the first 4 days. By day two they were back to normal.
    I will never use any drop, oral or shampoo in or on my dogs ever again. They are all toxins and have killed many pets.
    Oh but I have fleas or my dogs haven’t had seizures sonit must be ok? You are wrong. You are poisoning your animal.
    So what do you do ??
    First a swim if your near the ocean.
    If not. Fill two containers in the tub.( I use a plastic clothing bin)
    With Luke warm water. Put dog in water take out in tub and put diluted blue Dawn dish liquid on it. Lather up good making sure to hit the neck first to stop fleas running to the head. Keep lathering until you see dead fleas. If u can get a flea comb or regular comb through hair do so. Separate the fur look for fleas close to the skin. Take a large cup dip some water out of container and rinse off some of the soap. Then repeat again rubbing on the Dawn. Using your hands massage in make sure not to get in the eyes, make sure you do feet and tail. After ten minutes. Put in first container of warm water. The waiting should come up to the neck. Now using your hand gently massage the shampoo out.
    Put dog back into tub an put on good conditioner. Massage in.
    Put dog into clean second container of warm water rinse well.
    Repeat after a few days to kill off any eggs
    After bath use Cedarcide or Wondercide. A must have.
    Wash all dog bedding, your sheets as well if they sleep there. Vacuum. Empty bag and vacuum again.
    For those of you who use meds to control seizures after. I chose not to even though my vet suggested them. I use the Activated Charcoal. It absorbs toxins in humans and dogs.
    I am not a doctor and am giving this as advise
    I have had many dogs over the years and all though I used spot on products on my large dogs with little affect, I realized now it affected them in ways I couldn’t see. It is posion and should not be used. I don’t live in an area with ticks so I don’t have that problem. I live in a very warm high humidity country with a large amount of roaming cat’s. So fleas are abundant.
    I also put coconut oil in my hands warm it and rub into my dogs to keep skin from drying out, which also causes itching.
    Or let them lick it up.
    Good luck everyone please look up the cedar oil

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    Jacky J

    Hi, I found this forum while researching about possible side effects of Frontline. I have a Shihtzu who had two seizures a month ago and two more just last night and this evening. The first time it happened I brought her to the vet and they did all kinds of tests but found nothing wrong. Vet just told me to give her B complex vitamins and observe. No seizures for 5 weeks until last night. I was thinking of possible triggers and I am pretty sure Frontline is the culprit. The first time, it happened a day after I had her groomed and gave her Frontline. Last night I again applied Frontline and she had a seizure about 5 hours after.

    Mind you, my dog has been using Frontline for years now, though I don’t really give it monthly because she hardly has any fleas, it’s more of a preventive measure. I would just find one or two fleas every now and then.

    I’m kinda sure even if I share this to my vet she will not agree with me, I mean the first time it happened and I brought my dog to her I already mentioned that I had her groomed, gave Frontline after
    .. No alarm bells on her end.

    I am never ever giving my dog Frontline again. Considering Bravecto but I dunno, I’m kind of traumatized by this whole experience already.

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    Jacky J

    Minutes after posting here, she had a seizure again though it didn’t last as long as the first two. 🙁

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    I hope you are on the way to a vet, right now.
    Regardless of what caused the seizure, your dog needs medical attention (imo).
    See what your vet advises, she may need medication, at least temporarily……..
    You won’t find any veterinarians at this site. Even if you find a vet online, they have not examined your dog so they would not be able to give you specific advice.

    PS: You don’t want to see status epilepticus, that’s why I suggest medication, I tend to err on the side of safety.

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    Jacky so sorry about your dog. Hope she’s ok. I just wanted to say that I don’t like using topicals but One of my dogs is positive for one and borderline for the other (erlichia and lyme) and I had to do something. I chose a Serresto collar. I like thatbif he had a reaction I could remove it where a topical or oral is still in his system

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    Hi Jacky-

    I have one dog who after having a seizure after a surgery can not have certain flea preventions like Trifexis. We use Bravecto now on the advice of our vet/my boss and he has not had any issues. I don’t give flea preventation all the time, but I try to give it as much as I can. I never skip heartworm prevention though.

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    Jacky J

    Hi guys, my dog is ok. I couldn’t bring her to a vet last night (I am based in Manila, Philippines) because there are no 24 hour vets here. I did text her vet though and she assured me it wasn’t an emergency situation. I brought her to the vet this morning and again, like the first time, tests came back negative. I shared to her my theory again about Frontline being the culprit but from the look on her face, I could tell she wasn’t the least bit receptive to the idea. (She sells a ton of Frontline products). Anyway, no more seizures for about 18 hours now… I hope the worst is over. Never giving Frontline again. Might try Bravecto or Nexgard

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    Next time you talk to the vet, ask her if it could be idiopathic epilepsy.
    Also, if your dog is sensitive to the ingredients in flea/tick preventives. I might be inclined to try the Seresto collar, discuss with your vet.

    If your dog is diagnosed with seizures (neurological disorder) talk to your vet about vaccinations, ask what is absolutely necessary, some vets may advise against……

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    Jacky J

    My dog just had a seizure, yesterday she didn’t have one – at least i didn’t see one- but just an hour ago she had one. I think she has gotten used to it instead of flailing about, she now just stays still and it’s only her eyes that are moving, but it is still terrifying for me to watch. I just sat on the floor with her comforting her and praying.

    I dont know what to do, I think her vet plans to give her some med for it, not sure if it’s steroids or phenobarbital, but I am very reluctant to have her go through it because she has already had multiple antibiotic treatments (for another condition) and I just feel bad for her. Also, because I really believe Frontline is the cause, I am hoping it would just go away after a few days that’s why I’ve been observing her closely.

    Should i observe for a few more days? Or should i get her on whatever medication the vet would give?

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    Having a seizure is far worse for the body than being on phenobarbital. Please bring your dog to the vet and get it the appropriate care needed to manage the seizures. There is no quality of life for a dog with any type of unmanaged seizure disorder.

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    Jacky J

    Hi I brought my dog back to the vet yesterday. She had 2 seizures yesterday – one while she was at the vet. Doc prescribed Gabapentin, 2x a day for 3 days. Says if she still has seizures after that, she might have to be on that medication permanently. 🙁

    Upon taking the 1st dose, my dog didn’t have seizures for the next 8hrs or so, at least I didn’t see one, but had a seizure about 9 hrs after taking the first dose. Gave her a 2nd dose a few hours after. So far no seizures, but I noticed she’s moving like she’s had a little too much to drink.. Kinda unsteady, but she’s alert and she ate well. But she’s a bit uncoordinated walking around. Looked up possible side effects of Gabapentin and uncoordinated movements, dizziness, jerky movements are among them. Not sure if that’s a cause for concern. Will update her vet later as it’s 4am here.

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    Most likely the side effects from the gabapentin will decrease. Stop looking for veterinary medical advice on the internet, lots of misinformation.
    Just work closely with your vet and do as they advise.

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    Did she ask a question? No. She clearly stated she was in contact with her vet. It sounded like she was merely providing an update for those concerned and maybe looking for support from someone in a similar situation. Stop attacking posters.

    I hope your dog feels better.

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    Jacky J

    Hi guys, my dog is a-ok now. I believe it really was the Frontline, though 2 vets do not agree with me.

    Looking for alternatives now, though must say I am traumatized by this whole ordeal. There’s a citronella hydrosol spray being sold here in Manila. According to the seller, citronella hydrosol is totally safe, much safer than chemicals and citronella essential oil. Anyone here who’s used a citronella hydrosol spray on their dogs?

    Thank you

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    D M

    My dog was diagnosed with epilepsy 2.5 years ago… 1 out of those 2.5 years he was on Frontline and Nexgard as vet said those two were good for him. He was put on Phenobarbital when diagnosed… However I stopped giving him Nexgard and Frontline, as well as the Phenobarbital some months after those two (about 4)… and he’s been seizure free since. He’ll be a year and a half seizure free in january. So, to me, it was either the Frontline or Nexgard that were causing the seizures, or maybe a mixture of both.

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    Hi DM,
    I’d say it was the Nexgard causing his seizures.. these new oral flea chews paralize the flea & tick nervous system, so imagine what these new flea chews do to the poor dogs?

    Have you seen Rowans story, it’s so sad…he was given Nexgard…Both her dog were given Nexgard for the first time in their livies but Rowan reacted & was died within 5 months. 🙁

    Frontline is the only flea spot on product that only penitrates 2 layers of the dogs skin & doesn’t go into the dogs blood system, my vet said “Frontline Plus Spot On” & the “Frontline spray” are both the least toxic out of all the flea products do not enter dogs blood & she recommened Frontline for my dog who suffers with IBD, he reacts to everything, he was OK when I applied the Frontline Spot On & I used the Frontline Spray to Spray his legs once a month, we had fleas at the park & he was bringing the fleas home, he’s allergic to fleas salvia & would itch for days after 1 flea bite.
    When he doesnt have any fleas I DO NOT apply any flea products & will never give any of these “new” toxic flea chews to him, they’re poison toxic.
    Heaps of dogs have died after having these new flra chews & now Im seeing adds for Bravecto 6month Spot On for cats, gee poor cats they’re more sensitive then dogs..

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    Charlotta G

    Our almost 3 yo Dachsund-Terrier mix just experienced his first seizure about 8 hours after I applied Frontline Gold to him. He’s had it before and the emergency vet doesn’t think this is the cause of his seizures. They sent him home with seizure meds (phenobartital) but I hate to think he’s going to have to take that for the rest of his life. He was released from the hospital last night and came home with a nasty bout of diahrrea (and treatment for that) and is totally not himself. I’m hoping it’s due to lack of sleep and unfamiliar surroundings at the vet, and not the meds.

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    Patricia A

    I would never put insecticides ON my dogs and certainly not IN my dog.

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    About a decade or so ago, I was using topical flea/tick preventives (less than the vet recommended) plus “natural” stuff that did nothing.
    I ended up with 3 dogs testing positive for Lyme. Two remained asymptomatic and lived long lives and passed from unrelated causes.
    One suffered greatly from kidney damage and neurological damage caused by this disease, she required frequent lab work and vet visits, this dog required medications, prescription food and subq fluids daily for 2 years until I could no longer keep her comfortable (uremia).
    All received lots of antibiotics when first diagnosed, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    Never want to go through this again
    Homeopathic vets are dangerous in my opinion. I will never listen to one again.

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    @ Charlotta G

    I have had good results using the Seresto collar on my terrier.

    I had a dog that was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy and lived a long happy life on a low dose of phenobarbital.
    No side effects noted.

    I suppose anything is possible but I would be inclined to agree with your vet. In my experience, side effects from topical flea/tick remedies tend to be a localized rash where the solution was applied.

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    Allison R

    Frontline Gold cause my dog to have seizures and tremors!
    Carey – 8 years old – mixed breed – 35 lbs

    We applied Frontline Gold for the first time ever to our dog on 01/16/20. Within 5 hours she would randomly scream out in pain/because she was scared and jump into our arms. At the time we thought maybe she hurt her leg or back and would touch her spine, rotate her legs, etc. without finding any indication of a soreness anywhere on her body. This would happen sporadically on Friday and Saturday. By Saturday evening, it was happening more often. And at this point we realized that our dog was having mild seizures. She was not losing consciousness, but she would cry out/get this look about her and then burrow into us and her whole little body would tense up, she would lick her lips (salivating), and stretch out her neck and put her head high into the air. We took her to the emergency vet and they have since started her on seizure medication and a sedative for now because she is absolutely terrified when one starts to come on. Secondly, she is spending the day at her primary vet receiving fluids and staying under observation – and we will do this again tomorrow. Her behavior is different – she is very clingy – and she has tremors constantly.

    This dog was in perfect health prior to application of the Frontline and nothing else has changed at all in her routine other than that. Frontline refuses to accept ANY responsibility. In fact, when we asked how to get their medication out of her, they only said to bathe her – which we did 3-4 times. This medication is so poorly researched that they do not even have a way to reverse it if a dog has a reaction – and that is because according to them, “it is impossible for their product to cause these symptoms.”

    We are really hoping to wean her off of the seizure meds by the end of the month once the Frontline should be worn off. I am praying that once the poison is out of her that she will go back to normal. And should this be the case, we plan to take immediate action on Frontline for lack of research. I really hope she will pull through this and get back to normal.

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    Stephanie C

    Wow!! My pug had 6 seizures in the first 3 months I had him. But then it had been over a year since he had any, UNTIL 2 days ago. And it just so happens I put Frontline on him this week!!! 😡🤬😭…had I known any of this I would have NEVER!! I’m going to try cbd with him. He’s allergic to the flea bites so it makes it so much worse and more uncomfortable for my baby boy. Is there anything I can do to help make it go away?? He had a second one this morning. Both of them were only about 10 seconds, which compared to the minute to minute and a half they used to be its not as scary but still scary enough!! Omg I am so mad!!!!

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    I’m sorry, Stephanie C 🙁 If I’m in your shoes, I’d take him to a vet ASAP. Take care, and I hope you are not blaming yourself for doing what you thought was the best for him.

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    Christina G

    Can anyone give me a good flea/tick alternative?
    One of our dogs has a seizure 2 days after each frontline application. The vet says it’s not related but we believe it is. I have read all kinds of articles but can’t find something that really works… the link from above doesn’t work.

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    Jalinsky V

    It is true. My cat had multiple seizures and almost died after he was given frontline for the first time. He must’ve been around 3-6 years old at the time. It has been years and needless to say I have never given it to him again or other medicines of that caliber for fear of the same results. I have an all natural spray that kills upon contact but doesn’t prevent your pet from being bit, I really wish I knew of a better alternative if anybody does. Ticks are a huge problem in our area so he gets bit far more often than I’d like, and every day I am grateful he is still with me despite all the scares. I feel so bad for my baby and so guilty I can’t do anything else for him.
    Please be extra careful when giving your pets any sort of medicine for the first time.

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    Martha M

    I gave my 11 month puppy Frontline and within hours she was falling over and then having seizures. The vet misdiagnosed her with tonsillitis. The seizures carried on and after taking her to a different vet and paying lots of money for scans she was diagnosed with swelling of the brain. She had treatment but after a week had to be put to sleep as her brain never recovered. That was a few years ago and the guilt and sadness of what happened is still with me. I feel so awful that she trusted me and I didn’t question if what I was giving her was safe. If I had read these other accounts I would never have used it. It was the worst thing I ever did, literally killed my own dog.

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