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    Julie G

    I have a 10 month old French Bulldog who I got at 4 months. The breeder recommended I feed her Royal Canin Bulldog Puppy food, which she has done quite well with. But in looking at the reviews of Royal Canin (2.5 stars) I’d prefer to switch her to an adult food of better quality. However, I am unsure of what would be best for an adult Frenchie as I understand their nutritional needs differ from those of other dogs.

    I also have a Bloodhound-Retriever mix who is currently eating Hund and Flocken. I had to give that to the Frenchie once and she got diarrhea from it. Not sure if that was because of the rapid transition or if it’s just not a good food for her.

    Thanks for any advice on this topic!!

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    Anytime you make a change in their diet they may have loose stools/diarrhea.
    Unless it’s severe, I would give it a day or two, or three.

    Some of those small breeds tend to develop bladder stones….so I would add water to her meals and choose her diet accordingly, high quality kibble, homemade, or a combination.

    I like Wysong or Nutrisca (fish) as a dry food base. I have used Wellness in the past, my neighbor likes Fromm’s for her picky eater….I’m sure there are other good brands too.

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    I didn’t know that Frenchies have different nutritional needs than other dogs: what is different?

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