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    Meg W

    I’m looking for more premium kibbles lacking the three ingredients my Great Dane is allergic to. Peas, sweet potatoes and yeast. Do you know how hard that is? He’s been getting Canine Caviar since we had him tested (twice with two separate labs), but I’d love to add some variety and the CC is sometimes hard to source.

    Am about to start him on Precise, which only had selenium yeast as the very last ingredient, but I’m not crazy about some of the other ingredients. We’ll see. But I was hoping someone else might have suggestions. Thank you in advance!
    Bifrost Farms

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    Hi Meg-

    I wanted to suggest Precise actually, however I found peas in the large/giant breed puppy and adult formulas for the Holistic Complete line. Their GF lines also use peas as the carbohydrate source. I’m assuming you are talking about the Naturals line then. I like Holistic Complete more but that is out of the question for your boy. However, it seems to me that you will have to trade off feeding grain free for grain inclusive.

    /dog-food-reviews/natures-variety-ultimate-protein/ -Didn’t find any of those ingredients in this one unless I’m missing something.


    I didn’t look super hard but these are the 4 and 5 star foods I found without those ingredients. You weren’t kidding about how hard it is to find foods without them!

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    Hi have you looked at “Lupo Sensitive 24/10” or “Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken” I don’t know if he can have potato flour, Lupo uses potato flour, normally when a dog has a allergy to a food its the protein in say the potatos or meat that they are allergic or intolerant too… here’s Zooplus site just put the “Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken” in the Search bar if you want to have a look at the Natural Swiss Chicken….here’s the link too Lupo Sensitive 24/10
    Another kibble is “California Natural Lamb & Rice” large bites it has just 4 ingredients you can always add a topper some sardines etc

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    Hi Meg W-
    Try this tool:
    A poster created this a while back. See if it works for you. Good luck!

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    Sandra E

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