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    Sheila B

    Just found out my Buddy has an enlarged liver. Doc put him on Hill’s prescription canned food ( very few teeth). I can’t afford to feed him this. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

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    joanne l

    I would tell your vet that you can’t afford it and ask him what to do. Can’t give any advice because with the liver you need the right diet. Maybe your vet can tell you what to look for as far as protein, fat, fiber. And if some one suggest something tell your vet and show him the bag so he can read the ingredients and the percentages.

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    Your dog needs a therapeutic/prescription diet. No way around it. No commercial dog food will compare.
    These things happen and it’s part of routine medical care for your dog.

    Do you have cable? If you do and you give it up that would more than cover the cost of the food. Just a thought.

    Give up Starbucks? Eating out? That’s what some of us have had to do.

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    Canned food is typically much more expensive to feed than dry food. I would ask your vet to switch him to the dry version and you can put it in a food processor to turn it into a powder, then mix some warm water to it. It’s a little bit more work but worth it if cost is an issue.

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    Also, if you soak the dry kibble in water and leave in the fridg overnight it will be soft in the morning and you can add a little more water to it too. The can food has more moisture so ask your vet if this is an option?

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    can you afford to make his meals?
    I’d look for cook diet for enlarge Liver online as he needs very low proteins, low fat & No toxins & kibbles are high in toxins, heavy metals & contaminates..

    Can you buy the Hills vet diet wet can food & buy lean chicken, lean turkey or eggs, veggies Sweet potatoes, cottage cheese & mix 1/2 & 1/2 he’s probably better off on the cooked food instead of the pet food..

    Join Lew Olsons “K-9 Nutrition” group & post a post asking for a cooked diet for enlarged Liver someone will post information

    Here’s 1 of Lew Olson recipes for liver disease its pretty simple & easy there’s 2 meals

    Here’s Best Dog Foods list for Liver ask vet

    It’s vital to avoid liver and organ meats. Some other meats with high levels of copper include lamb, duck, pork, and salmon. However, there are also protein sources that are low in copper such as chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, whitefish, and cheese

    Is there any Canine Liver Disease f/b groups? try & find a f/b group & join, people in these groups will be a wealth of information.

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