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    I hope that someone will be able to HELP ME !! 🙂
    I have a few dogs who need to put weight and fat on them, YES YES they’re skinny !

    I had try many brand and I had only 3 types of results:
    1)No one gain weight and a lot of stole
    2) they lost weight !!!
    3) No one gain weight and a lot of gas 🙁

    My dogs are not so much active, we live in the North of Quebec (Canada).
    I own Standard schnauzer, pomeranian and Chow chow.
    They live in the house at room temperature between 17C-20C .
    I had try : Acana, Pro Plan performance, Kirkland , Taste of the Wild, Fromm, Royal canin and Lifetime Performance .

    All ideas are welcome 🙂


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    You can add fish oil and coconut oil to the foods to increase calories. Abady has a food that is 800 calories per cup and Victor Ultra Pro has 600 calories per cup, but I don’t know if you will be able to find them where you are. Can you get Nature’s Variety Instinct or Orijen, they are higher calorie too, though not as high as Abady or Victor.

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    Victor Ultra Pro is only about 440 calories per cup : ) Use caution with the schnauzer and foods that may be too high in fat content. If you are not worried about that, google “satin Ball Recipe” and it will put weight on a dog fairly quickly.

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    I wonder which food I’m confusing it for.

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    I had try Orijen and satin ball 🙁
    Orijen make very loose stool…
    Satin ball make no difference except time 🙂

    I don’t know if I can find Victor or Abady here as I had never saw those brands 🙁

    At this moment they are on Acana Puppy & Junior but I found that they make big stole .

    Melissa, why you told to be careful with schnauzer and fat ? I have Standard schnauzer not miniature.

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    Red palm oil, pumpkinseed oil, ghee, coconut oil, eggs….one a day

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    I took in a puppy who I found scared and swollen in my back yard. No one claimed her, so she is part of our pack now. It seemed she had been on the road long enough for her paws to be raw and her whole body was swollen. As the swelling went down, we realized she was not going to be as big as we originally thought, but she is probably just under a year and weighs around 40 lbs.

    She actually looks VERY much like Pattyvaughn’s profile pic…(btw, Pattyvaughn, are you originally from KC, KS)

    She is quite skinny and despite being fed 24oz homemade (50% protein, 25% rice, 25% veggies) food per day. Her hip bones are still prominant, her spine is easily felt, and the back half her ribs are visible (well, you know what I mean). I have no idea what her target size will be, so I’m not sure if I need to up her food even more, or possibly supplement with kibble.

    The other piece of the puzzle is that she nearly died from rodenticide poisoning in November and had to be kept completely quiet for about a month. I’m wondering if some of her skinny is due to lack of muscle tone from that period. She loves to run and bound, her fur is nice and shiny. The vet says she is healthy, otherwise.

    Any guidance is appreciated!

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    You can add Abady granular food to her current diet. It has between 700-800 calories per cup. Regarding the current diet of meat, rice and veggies, do you give a calcium supplement and include some fat source like fish oil or a multivitamin of some kind? There are also some kibbles that are higher in calories, around 500 or so per cup. Look for Timberwolf Platinum or other food marketed for performance dogs or puppies. They tend to be higher in calories and fat and protein.

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    Nope, only Los Angelos and Florida, but there are Border Collies everywhere. They can have a very high metabolism and tend to stay thin until about age 2 or 3. Make sure you are properly balancing the food, because they really can be prone to finding ways to injure themselves and need optimal nutrition for healing.

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