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    Nancy E

    We have a border collie that is just over a year old. Because she is so active, we have a hard time keeping weight on her. Are there any ideas of what kind of dog food to keep in front of her that will help? Thank you

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    Normally a higher-calorie food, plus feeding her the amount for what she should weigh and not what she weighs right now should help. This may also be helpful: /dog-feeding-tips/dog-food-calculator/ as it has an option for active dogs.

    That being said, here are some quality, higher-calorie AND affordable foods: Victor, Dr. Tim’s, Earthborn Holistic, and, of course, for the really bad cases – Abady Granular – now that is about 700-800 kcal/cup, so you can use it mostly as a topper for another food.

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    My boy has Pancreatitis & he’s having trouble keeping on his weight, so I cant give high fat & proetin diet, he also he has skin problems, so I cant give him a high carb diet as it makes him itch.. I’ve been giving him 4 meals a day, this has helped but I still see his bottom ribs, the vet reckons that he’s looking good but I’d like another 2-3 kilos on him, its hard when he loves his big walks, so Ive been driving to the parks lately so we aren’t walking to the park, I’ll see if that helps him..
    If the kibble says 4 cups then give her 5 cups but spread feeds out thru the day, breakfast lunch & dinner, then about 1 hour before bed I give Patch a couple of bickies…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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