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    My sister’s dog recently had more than a foot removed from his small intestine due to a blockage. However, I don’t know what part of the small intestine was taken out.

    It’s been about two weeks since his surgery and the vet said we thinks he’s ready to be transitioned from Hill’s I/D to a dry food. For some reason the vet recommends dry over wet because dry will be more easily digested.

    (Based on Hound Dog Mom’s suggestion on a similar post I’m going to have her give the dog pumpkin, kefir or another probiotic. Still looking for food recommendations)

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    Hi sorry about your sister dog, I thought that wet tin food would be better to digest then a kibble…I have a dog with IBD more small bowel & stomach problems & he doesn’t do to well on kibble…. maybe ask vet about home cooked meals as kibble is very hard on their digestion.. boil some turkey breast mince then freeze little meals also pumkin or sweet potato & freeze little meals….. the Hills I/d Low Fat restore wet tin food is OK but it has rice, rice can irritate the bowel more the Hills I/d Low Fat restore kibble has wheat corn & barley, grains are very hard to digest, if your sister doesn’t want to cook try the Hills wet tin I/d Low Fat restore first & see how he goes.. cooked meals would be the best at this stage also a low residue diet google “low residue foods”…. low residue foods digest easy & are lower in fiber giving the bowel time to heal & rest..normally with small bowel problems you need low fiber diets with large bowel problems you need high fiber diets..

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    Thanks for you suggestions. I was leaning towards wet food but I was just curious why the vet would tell me and her that dry food would be easier to digest.

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    I would be inclined to listen to your vet, maybe ask him to explain his rationale.
    Canned food tends to be greasy, I use it occasionally as a topper. But, not so much anymore, as my dog with a sensitive stomach tends to vomit after eating it. Plus it spoils quickly.
    I soak the kibble in water overnight in the fridg for my senior, it then has the consistency of wet food. That seems to agree with him the best.

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    She said it would be easier for him to digest because dry food is more processed. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

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