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    Michael G

    My Golden Retriever puppy will be 10 months old when I buy his next bag of food in a few weeks. I have tried him on Dr. Tim’s Kinesis (runny stools) and Victor Select Chicken Meal (did well with it from day one). My question is how to do food rotation properly. Do I need to buy different brands and rotate them at the end of each bag or can I just rotate through different Victor Select or Kirkland flavors? Any guidance is much appreciated!

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    There is no “proper” way or any rules stamped in stone. Ideally, you want to include different brands so you get different variations in the vits/minerals/EFA’s. You also want to included different proteins (chicken, beef, fish, etc) and different binders (peas, sweet potato, tapioca, lentils, etc). The frequency of variety is up to you – different food at every meal or different food every bag or even changing foods only 3 times a year.

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    Lynn J

    I personally rotate after each bag, allowing for about a week of transitioning. My main reasoning is that ideally I want to finish a bag within 3 – 4 weeks so that the fats don’t become rancid. I rotate through different brands and sometimes between flavors within brands. I also try to match the proteins in whatever toppers I am using to the proteins of the kibble.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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