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    While researching new types of food for my adult border collie mix I discovered that a lot of people advise rotating foods for their dogs. If that’s advised I’d like to do it but I’d also like to know what kinds off food to use and how often, etc.

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    Most of us rotate after every bag. I have multiple dogs and go through a bag of food pretty quickly, so I have two bags or even more open at once. Basically, you can do rotation how ever you want to. I don’t recommend going too long on the same food because it affects the probiotics in the gut.

    I usually recommend printing up the 4 and 5 star lists and taking them to all the different places around where you can buy dog food. Make notes about what foods are where and for how much, then pick a few to try. Take notes on how they do on each food, and if they don’t do well on it then cross it off the list. When you have found a few different brands, a few different protein sources, and a few different starch sources, then you’ll have a good rotation.

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    I have 2 to 3 bags of food open at once and several canned foods and freeze dried foods I use as toppers. My pups could technically get a different meal every time.

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    Because of the raw I add, mine do get a different meal every time. I rotate raw daily and kibble weekly. Last Winter, I rotated kibble daily too, but so far we are having a hot humid Winter, so I won’t open anything else until what I have opened is used.

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