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    Dee M

    I’m looking into adopting a pair of shepherds from a rescue. They are father and son and Alto, the younger dog, has mega esophagus. [A stricture at the bottom of his esophagus that hinders the passing of food into the stomach. If he eats a “normal” amount of food it will come back up.] The foster has listed that he needs pate style canned food in small amounts throughout the day. I’m looking to buy by the case to save a bit but as I’m searching I’m finding they’re all stews, chunks, etc or the style is not listed and I haven’t fed canned food in the past so I’m not sure.
    Can anyone recommend a grain free, pate style canned food for large breeds? He’s also about to turn eight so senior formulas are preferable.

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    Newman’s Own Organics has some soft (no chunks) type canned foods.

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    Hi Dee M-
    If you have a Costco card, maybe their Nature’s Domain canned organic chicken pate would work for you.

    Here is a link:

    It is manufactured by Performance Pet Products and ends up being about $1 per can. You do have to buy the whole case.

    Good luck to you!

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    Hi Dee, its a really good thing your doing taking on an 2 elderly dogs & they are getting a 2nd chance in life…. You can cut up the chucks of meat in the chucky foods & put thru a blender maybe try & see if he’s OK on a thicker wet food, I found the thicker wet tins were better then the pate wet tin foods, stayed down better….
    Just be careful with the fat %, 5%min fat in wet tin food or raw food when converted to dry matter(kibble) is around 20-25% fat, if it were a kibble…..
    When I rescued my boy he was regurgitating raw, cooked & wet tin foods back up into his mouth, onto the floor or ground while walking or playing I had to keep him still for 20-30mins, this seem to happen more when the wet tin or raw was too grounded like a wet mince consistency, very sloppy & not chunky…. over the years Patch has gotten better & now can hold any wet tin or cooked food down, nothing comes back up no more & he was put on a acid reducer (Losec) to stop the acid reflux that comes with it, the vet seem to think he had Hernia the diaphragm where the food pipe joins the stomach flap wasn’t closing when it was suppose to close…lower fat diets with no grains, no rice, no oats, no barley etc, are best, add some boiled sweet potato or potato & pumkin added to the wet tin or cooked meals also helped the food stay down with Patch…..
    I was soaking a kibble that was easy to digest “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb in warm water, (Not boiling hot water), as soon as the kibble was soft all the way thru swollen (a good easy to digest kibble should only take about 20-40mins to become soft all the way thru) then you drain all water out of the kibble bowl, I was putting about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of the soft wet kibble on the side of a bowl & cuffing my hand & squeezing out all the water from the kibble, then adding the squeezed kibble to the blender then I’d just squeezing another 1/4 to 1/2 cup wet kibble after squeezed adding to a blender & you just pulse blend for a few seconds & the kibble becomes real light & fluffy when kibble isn’t squeezed properly, it is like slop but that might work for your boy you’ll work it out, I was feeding about 1/2 a cup per meal, for a 40lb dog, your dog is bigger so he’d probably eat under 1 cup of the blended wet kibble per meal, I divided meals into 5 small meals a day, 7am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm & 8pm…..blending the wet drain kibble works out cheaper then buying the wet tin foods & his dad can eat the dry kibble or have some of the wet soaked drain kibble as well…
    Taste Of The Wild has wet tin grain free food & the fat % starts at 3% fat which is 11% -13% fat when converted to dry matter,
    You can email the company & ask any questions you may have…..
    Just don’t feed any wet tin food that is higher then 5%max in fat, it may be tooo much fat & may cause bad acid reflux…you’ll know when he starts eating grass or my boy grinds his teeth & swollows & swollows & licks his mouth when he has acid reflux…. I’d stick around 2-4%max fat in wet tin foods, if he’s on a vet diet like Hills wet tin food the Hills wet formulas have already been converted to dry matter, I think that’s what confuses people coming from a Hills vet diet…

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