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    Looking for a good food recommendation for an older Rottweiler. She’s 11 but is fairly active, despite her arthritis Looking for something grain free to help with her digestion. She has not been very regular and can often be gassy. the vet has already ruled out anything medical. Any advice?

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    My rottie just passed last month from lymphoma. When he was eating kibble he did really well on Acana Regionals. There are 4 grain-free varieties. Orijen is another great food made by the same company that makes Acana. Other grain-free foods we tried and liked were: Annamaet grain-free, Horizon Legacy, Go! Fit & Free Adult, and Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural. Others I like but haven’t tried personally are Dr. Tim’s Kinesis grain-free and Victor grain-free.

    Sometimes dogs eating kibble (and especially older dogs) can benefit from probiotics and digestive enzymes. I buy mine from They’re made for humans and pretty cheap. I get the regular Swanson brand digestive enzymes and Dr. Langer’s 15 strain probiotic (they’re buy 1 get 1 free right now). I crush the enzyme tablet and open the probioic capsule and mix it up in the food. You can add a little canned food, yogurt, canned pumpkin or something else so it is not just powder mixed with dry food. My almost 8 year old Great Dane is super regular and not very gassy at all. He doesn’t eat kibble but he gets probiotics and enzymes. A lot of people also like the Mercola pet enzymes and probiotics. They are more expensive but they are already in a convenient powder form.

    Hope this is helpful to you.

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    My older rottie boy ate acana as well. We lost him to arthritis/dysplasia a few mths ago at the age of 15. He seemed to do really well on the grasslands.

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    I’ve read that NutriSource works well for dogs with tummy issues.

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