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    I have newly adopted a ‘Labrador Retriever’ dog.
    I am worried about his food. There are plenty of foods and I don’t know which food is best for him?
    Please suggest a good food for him so that he can stay healthy.

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    Dave V

    I can only speak from personal experience, but I’ve used Bench & Field for a number years with two dogdogs, one part Yellow Lab & Australian Shepherd. B&F has never had a recall and is highly rated by Dog Food Advisor.

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    How old is this lab? If he’s under 2 years I would get him on a large breed puppy formula ASAP. wellness core puppy, fromm large breed puppy are two good ones. If he’s already full grown looking for a food with three meat ingredients first. Merrick is good, natures variety instinct, and wellness core adult are good.
    If you’re looking for a budget food, whole earth farms, under the sun, and wholehearted are two good ones.

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    joanne l

    I would get something with a good amount of meat content, make sure any type of peas is not in the first 5 ingredients. With this FDA warning about grain free it seems that Lab Ret. are prone to this condition. Matter of fact try not to go grain free right now. I like merrick and natures variety as well. I had problems with wellness just my experience.

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    Dinamul D

    Labrador Retrievers are good-natured, active and affectionate to all. They are intelligent dogs and easily trained, with members of the breed frequently chosen to become assistance or search dogs.

    The ROYAL CANIN® Labrador Retriever kibble has been specifically designed for the Labrador’s rapid food intake. The kibble’s unique texture and shape helps reduce the rate of food they eat, encourages proper chewing habits that aid digestion and helps them to breathe when their mouths are full.

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    Doggo B

    Our chocolate really likes Weruva’s Venison Salmon Kibble.

    Weruva Caloric Harmony

    Good food and good company.

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    Lenny W

    Hi, I prefer to use Blue Buffalo or Rachael Ray Nutrish, u can read about the composition and purpose here

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