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    Morgan A

    Here’s a hard one… I’m already afraid the answer is going to be a homemade or raw diet, which I’m totally not prepared for!

    Long story short, my 6 and 1/2 year old bully mix has been diagnosed with vacuolar hepatopathy after a couple of years of tests, meds and supplements. He is not symptomatic but his ALT is through the roof. My veterinarian has done done preliminary research and it seems there’s not really a treatment for this, and the theory is that it’s a secondary condition resulting from his horrible allergies. I did find a single article that she is going to investigate further that claims a very low fat (but not protein restrictive) diet may help, <2 g fat/100 kcal. But I also have his allergies to consider, mainly grains but above all else peas and green beans. I’d prefer to stay away from white potatoes as well but I’m thinking we’re in a lesser of two evils kind of situation now. Luckily he has no animal protein allergies. There’s only one food in town that I’ve found he can habe and that’s Natural Balance fish and sweet potato, but I wasn’t crazy about it. I switched him to Sport Dog and he done well, but it’s definitely too high in fat if we decide to pursue this diet.

    So, has anyone had a similar situation? Does anyone know of a unicorn food like what he needs?! I’m also open to suggestions on supplements, including antioxidants (also mentioned in the article as helpful), though Denamarin and Liver Happy did not help.

    Thanks for reading!

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    “My veterinarian has done done preliminary research and it seems there’s not really a treatment for this, and the theory is that it’s a secondary condition resulting from his horrible allergies”.

    There is your answer, treat the primary condition. Allergies.
    See what your vet recommends, maybe you need a referral to a veterinary dermatologist.

    Stop looking for natural miracle cures, there are none.

    PS: If your vet is homeopathic then consider getting another opinion from a science based traditional vet.

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    Hi Morgan,

    are you on facebook?? join this group, post a post & ask people your question, you’ll probably get a better response..
    “Dog Allergies, Issues and Other Information Support Group”

    Also follow “Rodney Habib” Diet plays a big part in keeping your sick dog healthy..

    I dont know how your going to go with low fat diet?? as you need fat (Omega fats)for allergies..

    My boy cant have high fat diet, causes Acid reflux, he’s OK up to 13% max fat, I feed 13% max -fat & he does well…
    Allergies can be confusing, sometimes we think its an ingredient or protein causing the dogs itchy skin, ears & paws etc, 80% of the time its from environment allergens..
    Normally if a dog has food sensitivities they will also have environment allergies aswell..
    Routine-Baths are the best to do with allergies, you wash off the Allergens off paws, skin etc, bath weekly or twice a week in the Spring & Summer.. I also use baby wipes & I wipe him down after we have gone for walks or he’s been out the back yard in Spring & Summer months when trees & plants are flowering.

    My boy hs IBD Food sensitivities & seasonal environment allergies, fat has to be around 13%max as he suffers bad acid reflux,
    I feed him “Wellness Simple” Wellness Core” Canidae Pure Wild Boar”

    Why do you want to stay away from white potatoes??
    Yeasty, smelly, itchy skin isnt caused by starchy carbs, a dog will only react to potatoes if he is sensitivite to potato, which is rare I’ve been told by a vet nutritionist, vet diets use Potato cause it’s a low allergen..

    Have a look at First Mate, Chicken & Blueberries its Grain, Gluten & Pea Free, Single Meat Protein, Limited Ingredient Formula, Available in Small Bites

    I would look into feeding tin salmon in spring water + sweet potato,
    just make sure you read sodium/salt % get the lowest %,
    feed foods that are high in omega fatty acids, this way the skin is kept healthy & diet is low in hard fats…. Sardines can be very rich but are VERY healthy..
    This is what I try to do with Patch, he eats 5 small meals a day, cause of his IBD, he eats his dry kibble 7am, 9am, 5pm & 7pm then for lunch -12pm he gets his wet healthy meal Salmon & Sweet potato, Frontier Pets – dehydrated free range raw made Australia, freeze dried green lipped Mussels, Almond 3 almonds a day for dogs , Follow Rodney, he is always posting healthy foods. I try to rotate as many healthy foods into his diet over 7 days..

    If I were you i’d try & stay away from kibbles, pet foods are VERY high in toxins contamnates & heavy metals, you dont want to put more stress on his liver if you can..
    Google heavy metals toxinz & contaminates in pet foods.. Chicken & Turkey are the cleanest meats in pet foods..
    Good Luck

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    Morgan A

    Thank you for the helpful reply, Susan!
    I did not consider omegas, I will have to ask my vet about that as far as fat in his diet.
    I have gotten his food allergies under control and that has substantially helped with his itchiness (white potatoes are a mild allergen for him, but not one that would trigger a severe reaction). He actually has a really great coat now! But he does also have a plethora of environmental allergies and there’s not much I can do about that other than what you’ve suggested. I will join the pages you mentioned and bring up these things with my vet! Hopefully something will help put a stop to this issue.

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