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    Kristen L

    Because of the recent recalls (I have 10 unused tubs) and the fact that I’m now reading all kinds of people saying how bad it is, I’m trying to switch my dog from Baneful prepared meals/chopped blends in the tub. My problem is she is a SUPER picky eater. For months she barely ate anything as I tried all sorts of wet food to find something she likes. There are even some benefuls that she refuses to eat. She will also eat Ceasars, which again I know isn’t not great for her, but only if it the home blends. She will only eat food that is watery it seems. I do mix her wet food with dry food, but that is the only way she eats dry. I am asking if anyone can recommend a wet food that will taste or be similar to these foods. I tried Rachel Rays Nutrish because it looked so similar, but she sniffed it and wouldn’t go near it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry, I don’t think anyone here wants to try a bunch of dog food to discover if one tastes similar to another, so you are probably going to have to go with trial and error.

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    Super picky is usually the owners fault, food should never be left out for more than 15 minutes for each feeding, we have done that with our new puppy and now she literally wants new food everyday… However we simply leave out the food for her and she eats it when she realises she won’t get anything else.
    There are also dogs that generally don’t eat very much as it is, our puppy we still free feed her but only because she knows when she wants to eat and it’s always random and we don’t really have a problem with that.

    I’ve checked the ingredients besides the artificial flavours and salt and maybe the unspecified meat, I’m not sure what part of the food she’s hooked on, but I’m at least glad I didn’t find any sugar in those as that would complicate things severely.

    As to any foods of similar flavour, I don’t really think that’s very possible because everyone has different tastes on different things so it could be the same and yet somehow something about it will be very different and it will become a no go.

    Oh also you should probably trial a food for at least 2 weeks before trying another one, give her no ultimatum eat it or don’t eat at all, I’ve heard that dogs will very rarely starve themselves she will eat it eventually and if she doesn’t try another I guess.

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    Marionne H

    Have you tried the Merrick canned foods? My last dog seemed to think they were the bomb, they were like stews. Different recipes, so she won’t get bored. You might also want to look at Weruva. Expensive, but it has a “brothy” consistency she might like and there are a number of varieties. Once you find a wet food she likes you can mix in the dry.

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    The foods you’re trying are all low quality foods. If you want to use canned, go to various stores, buy different foods & try.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Kristen L:
    I took a look at the food your pup likes, the consistency reminds me of some cat foods I feed. Not quite a stew IMO, a little thicker and more finely chopped than some foods I feed my dog.

    Where do you shop? Do you have a budget you need to follow? I can check out my dog food spreadsheet and see if I’ve fed anything similar. I feed many different brands, recipes, and forms of wet food so I might have some suggestions for you.

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    Shelley S

    A dog will not starve in order to avoid eating a food unless the food is not edible. Imagine trying to find out what a child enjoyed after having been fed snickers bars for a while. That child is not going to take to eating vegetables with any great enthusiasm but that doesn’t mean the child shouldn’t have them. Do your research and find a truly nutritious food. Switching the dog over will be more painful to you than the dog. He may have some hunger pangs while he refuses but you will suffer guilt pangs, lol. Hold firm and switch your dog because it will provide your dog a healthier, longer life in the end.

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    Susan W

    My dogs aren’t picky eaters by any stretch of imagination but one does have a finicky digestive system. I’ve had SUPER luck with VeRus dog foods. They have both canned and dry food (we’ve only used the dry). BTW – their dry food doesn’t stink. As in NO STINKINESS AT ALL. It’s great. Well, actually, the Cold Water Fish smells like a live fish but that’s all.
    VeRus also sends samples of dry food. Contact them via their website @ http://www.veruspetfoods.com. It’s a really good, informative website, too.
    Another REALLY important fact: In more than 20 years of making dog food VeRus has NEVER had a recall.

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    jakes mom

    Sorry, a little late chiming in here. You might have more luck switching your dog if you mix the new with the old. That’s a good idea even if the dog’s not picky, just to let her tummy adjust. Every day or 2 replace some of the Beneful with the new food. Go slowly, just a taste of the new to start and keep increasing. She’ll get used to the smell and taste of the new brand.

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