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    Craig S

    So I looked all over this site at the ratings and such and most foods with Chicken, rice and no corn or soy products seem to rate well. If you compare the new “sprout naturals” that fleet farm just came out with, it’s ingredients are almost identical to some brands with the $45-55 price range for 40 lbs. What makes “sprout naturals” any different than these other brands made in the same facility as say Iams or Eukanuba?

    I was hoping someone could rate Sprout Naturals or give an opinion on it because quiet frankly the ingredients list is very close to identical as other “high” priced foods.

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    Craig S


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    It’s a plant based food with low protein. I wouldn’t feed it personally. It would most likely be rated 3 stars maybe. If you want it reviewed properly on this site go to the bottom to the contact us page and put in a request to have the food reviewed. It might take a bit of time depending on the demand for the review and how fast they can get the review up.

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    Hi Craig-

    It does seem like a decent value food if that is what you need. I’d say there is probably not much different about it than any other dog food. At least nothing that we would be able to decypher just by reading the ingredient list. Haleycookie is probably right about the star rating it would likely recieve. 3 1/2 maybe 4 stars is my guess. However, star rating on here does not tell you a lot about the food or how your dog will do on it. If you are interested in trying it, go ahead and do so and see how your dogs do.

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    Craig S

    Haley said low protein but is 26% low? Compared to
    Others 26 is quite comparable, no?
    I realize its not a blue buffalo but if you look at
    Diamond naturals which is 4.5 star, the ingredients
    List is nearly identical.

    So in theory, how would one know if a dog is getting
    What it needs? Can you tell by stool if a food goes in
    And comes out fast? Or size of stools vs stool from
    Other foods. I know ratings are there for a guide but what
    Are other indications outside of coat, behavior, itching etc.
    Im looking for tangible things one can look for


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    Mike M

    I used to deliver all the top brands of dog food Blue Buffalo is the worst brand when it comes to recalls. I would never feed that to my dogs. I use Sprout naturals and have seen my dogs feces go from soft to pooping alot to more of a solid state. Than when I was using Ivet vet sold dog food. Me personally Fromm is expensive but is one of the leading brands very few recalls been in business over 100 years but myself 3 large dogs I wanted something cost effective and Sprout has delivered I’m very happy with it and so are my dogs

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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