Fish Oil?

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    Zach M

    I was just wondering what kind of fish oils you guys use. Please comment below.

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    Hey Zach, I use Costco’s Kirkland Signature. If you scroll down in the link I left, you will see the product details. I keep mine in the fridge, because heat and light will degrade fish oil and turn it rancid.

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    I use Nature Made cod liver oil for my guys.

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    We have sardine Sunday at our house. They each get a tin of sardines with their kibble once a week! I couldn’t figure out how much oil to give. So I just give them the real deal!

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    Bobby dog

    I try to feed sardines in H2O, but I don’t always keep them in stock. I mainly use CVS drugstores 1000 mg fish oil capsules.

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    I give sardines to my girl as well. She loves them. She gets them a couple times a week.

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    I use Nordic Natural fish oil ,Krill oil from Mercola and once a month sardine in water.

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    I give tinned sardines and salmon sometimes, but I also get a bottle of this every 3 months.

    It’s way more than 1 35lb dog can use in 3 months, so I use it myself also. I keep in the door of frig and give 1 pump daily, eezy peezy, as Aimee would say, lol.. At 3 months it begins to taste fishy as it peroxidizes, even though it is preserved with mixed tocopherols, so I throw it out and replace. At 4 months it’s most definitely starting to taste rancid.

    You can buy a smaller bottle, but it costs almost as much as the large.

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    Zach M

    Wow guys, you leave for 2 hours and come back to an abundance of answers. Thanks! And a question, do tinned sardines give a proper amount of fish oil? I like the idea of “Sardine Sunday”, C4C! It could become a new tradition out our house too!

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    Hi Zach,

    Sardines are awesome!

    If you haven’t already checked out Steve Brown’s e-book, you should! The download costs $2.95 and is worth every penny. He explains how to add fresh whole foods, including sardines, to supplement and improve your dog’s diet. He refers to it as the ABC method.

    Edit: I don’t use fish oil because I have a fish intolerant dog who can’t even have fish oil even though it should be OK because the protein has been removed. If I did use fish oil, I’d try Springtime Natural’s product. I’ve used Mercola krill and it didn’t seem to bother him. I have used Udo’s Choice DHA Blend, a vegeterian product for him.

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    Zach M

    I have the book, but didn’t know that sardines have a lot of fish oil. I guess it was right there in front of my face lol.

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    I use Vital Choice because it’s just salmon oil. I have a dog sensitive to something.

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    I alternate brands and forms, so nothing is ever the same-sardone oil, salmon oil, krill oil-sometimes liquid pump, sometimes capsules on the days I do not give sardines or other fish.

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    Holly C

    I use Nature Made Fish Oil capsules. I give one capsule (I cut it open and put the oil on the food) in his morning meal with his supplement. Seems to help. Only problem is that it doesn’t taste fishy because it’s for people, so I’ll get generic ones next time. My dog loves fish flavoured anything.

    It bothers me that it’s two/three times as expensive at petsmart for special doggy fish oil, and it’s no different. Plus, I prefer capsules to squirt bottles. The bottled ones tend to stink up the fridge after a while.

    Should I give more than one capsule to my 55 lb dog? I think one is enough.

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    Holly, you should use Human grade fish oil for your dog. Human grade is higher quality, and has higher standards than pet grade. Human grade is usually much cheaper too. You don’t want your fish oil to smell or taste “fishy” that would indicate that the oil is rancid. I buy human grade fish oil for my dogs, and keep it in the fridge, to keep it fresh.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Fish oil is one product in which I don’t recommend trying to take the cheap way out. It’s important to only purchase high quality, human-grade supplements from reputable suppliers – avoid generic brands/store brands. Carlson’s and Nordic Naturals are two very good brands that I have used and would use again. You want to be sure your fish oil contains an antioxidant such as vitamin e or astaxanthin to help prevent oxidation. With the exception of the few companies that use airless pumps, I would avoid fish oil in pump dispensers (the pumps let it air and promote oxidation). Make sure to refrigerate the fish oil and dispose of any unused fish oil after 2-3 months (so in otherwise, avoid purchasing in bulk). I also testing the freshness every week or so, break a capsule open and smell it and squirt a little on your tongue to taste it. If it smells fishy and/or tastes extremely fishy (it will taste slightly fishy) it’s rancid – toss it! There’s also the option of mixing tinned sardines and/salmon into your dogs food for omega 3’s. This is what I usually do.

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    hey Mom, I had a post and needed your advice-Thank you!

    HDM et all
    My sophie the Komondor is now 17 months old and I’ve switched her large breed puppy
    food to Adult large breed, still with the lower calcium and phosphorous levels
    around 1.4 calcium and 1.0 phosphorous
    But I can’t seem to find any information on if I can feed them higher levels once full grown
    and adults. I have 2 springer spaniels and even though I rotate their diets, would like not
    to have to get so many different kinds of dog foods
    is 2.2, etc too high a cacium level for an adult large breed? Does it even matter.
    The spaniels are doing well on Wellness Core Ocean (and great stools) and would love
    to put Sophie on that
    Thank you all
    Michael (and Sophie and Samuel the Spaniel and Charlotte)

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    While it’s not cheap, Vital Choice salmon oil is an excellent choice.

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    I use salmon oil. Beaphar’s Salmon Oil is specially formulated for canines, to improve heart and joint health as well as boosting energy for working dogs.

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    Holly C

    I guess I phrased that odd. By “fish flavoured” I meant one that tastes more like fish, like Salmon, Krill, Cod oil, etc. I also take the fish oil I give my dog, and I have to say, it doesn’t taste very pleasant, and he doesn’t like it much either. I used to give Salmon Oil but with some budgeting I just buy 1000mg capsules of fish oil. I’ll have to try sardines sometime- my dog would love that!

    I also give 600 iu of vitamin e, and a joint supplement. My dog has joint and hip issues, and he has a completely torn ACL. He’s due for surgery soon >:

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    Just adding this on to this old thread.

    I just ordered a new Springtime Naturals product called Skin & Coat Oil for my fish intolerant dog:

    Here are the ingredients:
    Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
    Super Seven oil blend ≈4,500 mg/tsp.
    Ingredients: rice bran oil (minimally processed – high oryzanol), coconut oil (organic), extra virgin olive oil (organic), pumpkin seed oil (organic), sesame seed oil (organic), sunflower seed oil (high oleic-organic), walnut oil (cold pressed-organic).

    I use Nature’s Logic sardine oil for my Cavalier and tried it on Sam and sure enough, his ears got gunky.

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