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    Hi everyone!
    I look here all the time – and have learned a lot…but I have a few questions.
    I bought Bravo Balance chicken, Natures Variety beef patties and chicken patties.
    The reason for two proteins ( chic.) is because it’s an hour drive…and its all she had.
    Next time I’d like to get duck or something besides chicken.

    Do I add probiotics and enzymes to the raw food? Will be feeding raw for breakfast and Fromms, Wellness , Earthborn kibble and NV canned along with eggs, sardines and such in evevings.
    How do I rotate the raw foods. Bravo for a few days, then the beef then the chicken?

    I was at health store and saw Enzymes from the NOW product. Should I buy that one?
    Also saw Barleans omega 3 fish oil in sardine,macherel & anchovy. Should I buy that?
    Please tell me what all I need to purchase.

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    You don’t have to add pro/zymes to raw food. I would just add it to the kibble meal. It looks like you serve a variety of kibble so alternating the raw flavors would seem to make sense as well. I use fish oil (not regularly) and hold it if giving sardines. I give various raw foods as well with no particular rotation. Whatever I grab out of the freezer is what they get!

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    My dog with yeast, grain intolerance, and IBS issues got probiotics and enzymes with his raw and kibble until he was no longer showing symptoms for a while. Now he gets them a few times a week like the other dogs. I’m like Sandy, I feed whatever I grab out of the freezer. I do make a point of not putting the same stuff side by side in the freezer. My dogs get a different raw every day, but when I started, I fed beef for a week and then added in chicken, then turkey and pork. Now I feed about 8 different proteins, but I make sure I feed fish once a week, tripe once a week, and raw meaty bones two or three times a week.

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    We suggest you add E-BARF Plus which is both and enzyme and probiotic to help with ease of transition to raw (no tummy upset) and also because she’s doing some kibble. Also Wild Salmon Oil for improving skin and coat conditions (both are in our Jump Start Bundle). Visit us at http://barfworld.com

    Your friends over at BarfWorld

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