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    I have convinced my brother to change his dogs diet and I am looking for suggestions.
    He has a 5 yo Eskie that has been on RC his whole life. He started having sezuires and is on meds for that and he has also had one bout of pancreatitis. They don’t have time to do homemade and have a one year old daughter. I do homemade and commercial raw with mine but I have the time and have no children. I know there is some controversies about HPP but would that be best for his situation? I was going to send him some Primal to try. I figured Stella and Chewys would be too high in fat for him due to the pancreatitis. Thanks.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I personally don’t feel HPP is as good as non-HPP raw but it’s definitely better than kibble. Any low fat HPP raw would be worth a try if your brother is unwilling to feed non-HPP raw. Primal does have several varieties that are low in fat – I agree that S&C is probably too high in fat for a dog recovering from pancreatitis. The Honest Kitchen also has a formula called “Zeal” which is low in fat and would make a good “raw alternative” – it’s a dehydrated, human-grade food food and when you add water it re-hydrates to a stew-like consistency.

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    Thanks HDM

    I’m taking baby steps with them. It’s the sister in law that’s been against raw. She’s busy and is running the house alone a lot because my brother works out of town. I’m keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

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