Feeding Offal to my babies.

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    I’ve been feeding raw for a month or 2 now and have noticed great results, however I can’t seem to find anything anywhere about the frequency of feeding offal, just your “don’t feed too much”.

    My German Shepherd is 30kg, I feed him 2.5% of his body weight as he’s at a pretty good looking weight.

    300g Muscle Meat (80%)
    18g Liver (5%)
    18g Either Kidney/Pancreas/Spleen (5%)
    A bone of sorts (drumstick, good sized wing etc) I don’t really measure as his poos have looked very solid, yet not too hard and crumbly so playing it by eye has worked for me.

    I can’t find anywhere as to whether feeding offal every day is okay in such small portions, but he seems to be happy and healthy. Was hoping somebody could offer insight on frequency and how it works.. Or is it better to only feed organs every couple of days instead of every day in this format I’ve listed, with mostly muscle meat and bone comprising the rest of the days?

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    Jonathan S

    I don’t have any specifics to give you, but if your dog is happy and healthy, you’re probably doing ok. In my raw mixes organ meats end up being probably a third of the total meat portion of the dishes. In one recipe I use turkey organs, in another I use a combination of lamb tripe and chicken organs. It seems to be working well for me.

    I think you could probably go by a rule of thumb of looking at any prey animal and try to gauge how much of the entire animal would muscle compared to bone and organ. In that case, your organ to meat ratio is probably fine, or a little light.

    Again though, if your dog is doing well and your vet doesn’t think he’s missing some key piece of nutrition, you should probably feel comfortable continuing as you have.

    Sorry I don’t have more specific direction for you.

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