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    sandy c

    Three weeks ago, I got a 16-month-old golden. Seth inhales his kibble. He gets 2-1/2 cups of kibble twice a day. I add a bit of water to his food and this seems to slow him down a tiny bit. I’ve used muffin pans and other homemade items to try and slow him down but they really didn’t work. I also use one of those treat dispensing balls…this one is an oldie, and I place about a half cup of kibble in it. I can’t remember the name of the ball, but Seth loves it! (although I don’t think the downstairs people appreciate it too much!) My main concern is bloat, and being a golden, he is developing a deep chest. Is this treat ball OK for him to use?

    I have a question regarding food bowls which are suppose to make a dog eat slower. Any suggestions as to which to buy? Do they really work?

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    Go to In their sesrch, type in slow feeding bowls. We use the ones that are titled “dog games”.

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    I like Kyjen’s slo bowls

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    Sarah Y

    We found this one to be very helpful for our beagle who inhales her food. We tried a couple of other bowls until we found this one and it definitely improved things. And with goldens having bigger snouts, it might help even more:

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